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Steve EarlySteve Early 

What Happened to Source IP in ID Verification History?

I have users all over the world with a wide range of IP addresses they use to login from (traveling, working at home, in the office at customer sites etc.). I used to be able to click on the "Identity Verification History" and see the Source IP they are logging in from. I would then whitelist the IP addresses where they frequently logged in from so they were not challenged every time they try to log in. That field is now empty. You can include it in a View but it displays no data.

Yes, I know users can and should set their browsers to not clear their cache upon exit to avoid being challenged but some users forget, get new laptops, or have other things going on. A suggestion to "whitelist all your IP addresses" is not possible. I would have to whitelist the world. 

Is it just me or is everyone experiencing the same thing? Does anybody know why the Source IP is no longer displayed on views from the Identity Verification History? 
EdEd (salesforce.com) 
Hi Steve,

For some reason, I also have my Source IPs blank under Identity Verification History. I do see this field available with values on the user records themselves though(under Login History), so you can go that route. So far, I haven't found any other recent recommendations here yet, but hopefully others can give us more advice.

Steve EarlySteve Early
Hi Ed - 
Thanks for the response. It looks like it just isn't populated anymore which is a shame. The beauty of having it in a View was that you could sort on the IP address to see the address that was challenging a user frequently.  I don't have time to look up every user that was challenged to see what IP address they used on the date of the challenge. 

This won't be a solution for everyone, but we are a FairWarning customer and I found that I was able to write a FairWarning alert that is able to pull out the Source IP somehow and summarize them so I can see where the users are having the most trouble. This is a fairly expensive alternative to something that was free and native to Salesforce not that long ago.