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Adam CastletonAdam Castleton 

Record Type picklist is not available for predefined fields in quick actions or workflows?

We use multiple Record Types for Opportunities to display different Page Layouts for the different Opportunity Stages.

Record Types are:
1. Inquiry
2. Quote

Stages are:
1. Inquiry Received – Developing Quote
2. Quote Sent – Following Up on Quote
For example – if a customer requests a quote for a product, we log it in as an “Inquiry” Type.
Once the quote is supplied to the customer, I would like to convert the opportunity to the “Quote”-Type.
The “Quote”-Type Page Layout displays fields such as “Quote Number” and “Quote Value”, which are not displayed on the “Inquiry”-Type Opportunities, because that info is not available until a quote is created in response to the customer’s initial inquiry.
My goal is to create a Quick Action to be displayed on the “Inquiry”-Type Opportunities, named [Convert to Quote].
Once a Quote is provided to the customer, I want my Users to be able to:
1. Open the existing “Inquiry”-Type Opportunity
2. Click on the [Convert to Quote] Quick Action button to update certain fields.
3. Complete the fields in the Quick Action Prompt (i.e. “Quote Number”, “Quote Date”)
4. Have the Opportunity Record Type updated to “Quote” and the Stage updated to “Quote Sent – Following Up on Quote”
Here is my problem:
My understanding is that I can have the opportunity Type and Stage updated automatically using pre-defined values in the Quick Action, or have a Workflow Process make the changes when the Record is updated.
However – the “Opportunity Record Type” field does not behave like a normal picklist.
If I try to pre-define the field with the updated value in a Quick Action, the “Record Type” field is not available in the list of fields I can update.
If I try to specify changes to the Record Type field in a Workflow Process – the field does not provide an option for choosing Picklist values, because it is a LookupID field. I’ve created a formula field on my Opportunities to display the Record Type ID in text form, and plugged the 15-ish digit ID for "Quote"-Type Records as the updated value for Record Type in workflows. When the Workflow is supposed to fire, nothing happens.
In summary – Why don’t my Record Type Fields behave like standard pick lists in quick actions and workflows?
In other posts, it seems that people have the Record Type Picklist field available everywhere just like any other standard picklist.

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Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Hi Adam,

Process Builder sometime have probelm with 15 digit IDs, you need to give 18 Digit ID in your Action stage.
you can get 18digit id either from workbench or Developer console.
Below is Workbench screenshot (Filter Result by: you can give id and put your 15digit id also)
User-added image
And as you RecordType is constant based on your criteria, you can even hardcode the value

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Thanks & Regards,
Bhavna Banodha
Adam CastletonAdam Castleton
Thank you Bhavna,

I am unfamiliar with working in Workbench or Developer Console.

I tried logging in to Workbench and was denied access:

"An error has occurred and you have been logged out:
API_DISABLED_FOR_ORG: API is not enabled for this Organization or Partner"

Can you let me know how to have this enabled?

I seem to be able to access the Dev Console but have not idea how to use it to locate 18 digit record type IDs.

This is my first time accessing the Dev Console, can you provide some instruction? Thank you!
Bhavna BanodhaBhavna Banodha
Hi Adam,

Use this query
select id from RecordType where id = 'Your16DigitID' under QueryEditor Tab in Developer Console
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