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Vet2Pet Marketing TeamVet2Pet Marketing Team 

Best practice here with the email preference center

I have a couple of scenarios I'm hoping someone can help me understand and point me in the right direction to fix. 

Scenario A
I want new contacts and leads to be added to the lists we have available on the email preference center the moment they're created in salesforce and sync'd to Pardot. That way when they receive an email from us for the first time, they can click the link to manager their email preferences and uncheck the lists they wish to 'opt out' of. By doing this, I can run a suppression list of everyone who has opted out of receiving, we'll say for example a newsletter email and add that to any future newsletter type emails. 

Is there an automation rule I can use here that would add new contacts and leads to the EPC lists?

Scenario B
Because currently, when a new contact or lead visits that email preference page all the boxes next to the lists are unchecked. When that contact or lead check the boxes of the lists they want, they're added to those lists and not the list they left unchecked.

If I can't add them to the EPC lists automatically when they're first added to Salesforce and Pardot, what can I add to a future dynamic list to ensure that they do not receive future emails of the kind they don't want if they also match the criteria of that list?

An example of what I mean for scenario B:

  • A new lead visited the EPC from a newsletter email.
  • Every box is empty because he is technically not on any EPC list to begin with.
  • He checks every box but the newsletter box essentially saying that he wants every email but the newsletter emails. The EPC tells him he is subscribed to x list and y list. It doesn't mention the Newsletter list.
  • A month goes by and a newsletter email is about to go out again. 
  • Will that lead receive the newsletter email if he still matches the dynamic list criteria? 
Very long-winded apologies and I appreciate any help given. In a perfect world, scenario A would be my preference because it seems the most automatic. I do have a 1:1 scheduled to review list emails and I may be able to ask this since it does touch list emails. 

Thank you!
Saurabh TyagiSaurabh Tyagi
Hi there,

If you have a pardot form for newsletter, then you can directly add all those people in the lists with completion action and for others you can try the following method.

Scenario A: You could create an automation rule and check if Prospect time is less than 1 day ago and then add all those people to your list. It was working for me, but  I woudl recommend you to test it first by creating few new records and check if everything works. 

Scenario B:
Prospect will recieve an email  if he/she is a member of your newsletter list and didnt opted out, but i guess if the above solution works for you, then this will be manageable.

Let me know how it goes.