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mass email custom solution input

Trying to find a better solution for our mass email custom requirement with contact object as Email Address.
Mass email should work as though it was fired from case
Anyone should be able to use mass email
Should be selected on the New Case view where summaries are shown
Status should not change
Email details should show in Case Feed showing the communications w the customer
Ensure, the case feed generated through this custom logic shows up on the existing Reports.
 Default FROM email should be same as the one used to send 1x1 case response.
Multiple CSRs might need to use mass email feature depending on the needs.although it doesn't happen frequently. 
Would like to know which one is more suitable considering all the above.
Two solutions that I have in hand:
Solution A:
Ability to select multiple cases and
view email templates within a folder.
Create a button on a case list view. When
the button is pressed, load a folder of
email templates
Ability to select an email template
and edit the verbiage for the email to
be sent
Create a user interface, such that when
the email template is selected, the text is
loaded into an editor, which can be
modified as needed.
Ability to respect merge fields in the
custom email editor user interface
Create logic, such that if the Salesforce
merge fields are found, the email will be
merged with the information from the
Ability to send an email to each
selected case's email field
Create automation, such that when the
email template is finalized and the user
presses send, the email is sent to each
selected case. We are not using the
standard Contact lookup, and instead, we
Case Mass Email Automation
Ability to relate the email to the case
Create automation, such that a copy of
the email is attached to the case.
Solution B:
Changes to the data model for the mass email flag
A lightning component that displays all contacts w mass mail = true
A selection mechanism to identify the list of people to email to
A rich text data entry form that allows the Konami CSR to type an email message 
Ability to send mass email once the message has been created.
It does not include the use of any email templates and the ability to create an email template within the mass mailing component.
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