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Xie MoXie Mo 

Trailhead: Load and Prepare Your Remote Sales Data - Cannot find the "Salesforce Multi-Org Connector"


In this Trailhead Load and Prepare Your Remote Sales Data ( , under section "Connect to and Sync Your Remote Canada Data", step 5, it asks me to go to AnalyticsStudio > DataManager> Connect> ConnectToData> AddRemoteConnection > Choose "Salesforce Multi-Org Connector"

I cannot see the option of "Salesforce Multi-Org Connector", I tried with the option "Salesforce External Connector", BUT this choice follows with some inputs I need to enter that is not mentioned in the later steps in this trailhead, So I am not sure if this is the right option. 

Does anyone has the same problem or can help please? Thanks. 

Gauthier MuguerzaGauthier Muguerza
Hello Xie,
Thanks for your question.

I guess that the solution changed between today and the time that this Trailhead Unit was written, indeed, because the "Salesforce Multi-Org Connector" is not available to me either.
I would suggest going with "Salesforce Multi-Org Connector", as you suggested, with the following options, as suggested by the Trailhead Unit:
  • Connection Name: Canada Sales
  • Developer Name: Canada_Sales
  • Description: Connection to data in Canadian Salesforce org
  • Username: Enter the username for the Canada org you signed up for in step 1.
  • Service URL: Leave the default value provided.
  • Password: Enter the password for the Canada org you signed up for in step 1 and paste the copied security token at the end.

Salesforce evolves fast, and the releases three times a year causes the solution to change here and there from time to time.
Let me know if this helps :-)

Courtney KenobiCourtney Kenobi
Good afternoon both,

I ran into an issue with this one as well. It seems to fail for me when I attempt to run the Default Sales Flow.
  • I cannot complete the append_US_CA_Sales because the Source: augment_User does show as a selection
  • It fails to run the Default Salesforce Flow, giving an error: "Something went wrong while executing the filter_CA_Accounts node: Make sure the "AccountId.BillingCountry" identifier exists and is spelled correctly without spaces. (02K6g000000eRonEAE_03C6g000001CAU9EAO)"
  • I tried re-doing it from scratch 3x (even getting new hands-on orgs), so I am sure I have not entered it incorrectly. 
  • Now that I understand it might just be an outdated module, I can stop pulling out my hair :)
Pierpaolo PerniciPierpaolo Pernici
I ran into the same issue with the missing "Salesforce Multi-Org Connector".
Pierpaolo PerniciPierpaolo Pernici
I solved my issue: be sure to concatenate your password and securitytoken on the password field!

Xie MoXie Mo
Thank you @Gauthier Muguerza. 
Ujwal kesari kunduriUjwal kesari kunduri
Hello Pierpaolo Pernici Can you please help us on how to deal with this error! I am new to salesforce so please guide me. Thank you!!