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Alex BattaniAlex Battani 

Starting Engagement studio with a Form Handler Trigger


I have been trying to find an example of this but have been unable to. I want to put a form handler on our site for unknown prospects to download a resource. Once they download, I would like them to start a drip campaign automatically. The question I have is how do I get them into the campaign without pushing them to it manually? I would imagine we would have maybe 1-2 prospects that would enter this each month and would like this to be run automatically.

Below is what I have... will setting the wait time to 0 days allow this to work all the time or is there a better way to do it?
User-added image
Jenna MolbyJenna Molby
Hi Alex, You can create a dynamic list and use it for your engagement program. Within the dynamic list you would add the criteria Prospect Form Handler was completed successfully. 
Alex BattaniAlex Battani
Thanks, Jenna. We could essentially have a completion action from the form handler to add them to a list.
My follow up question is: does the engagement studio start running as soon as a new person hits the dynmaic list? If not, how do I control not starting adding the same people in the list over and over?
Jenna MolbyJenna Molby
Yep, you could also use a static list and add prospects via a completion action. Yes, the once the person is on the dynamic list and the time is between the business days/hours you set in the engagement program settings, the person will be added to the program. Prospects can only run through a program once, so they won't receive the same emails again.