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Gopal PatilGopal Patil 

can anyone tell difference between report schedule and report subcription? both seems to be same for notification

Paras ShahParas Shah
Hello Gopal,

Both are different concepts. When you schedule a report, users will get the report at specified times regardless of any conditions on the report. You can schedule reports for the users in your organization

When you subscribe to a report, the report is sent out based on specified conditions. A user himself/herself needs to subscribe to the report. and it cannot be done in bulk like you do for scheduled reports. Also, remember that report subscriptions emails just contain the link to the report and not the full report.

As an admin, you can log in as each user and subscribe to the report as well. Remember that the report subscription is a feature that a user decides if he/she should subscribe to or not.
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Paras Shah
Dave RiesDave Ries
Just to add to what Paras has said...
"Subscribing" to a report is great if a User wants to be notified when certain things occur.  Like... "Leads Created last week" drops below a certain value so you can go yell at your sales guys.  Subscribing really acts as a notification when something occured in your data that you want to to be notified about, without having to worry about running a report manually all the time to check.

"Subscribing" is a powerful feature.  We have high User turnover in our org, so I use it to monitor the number of remaining Salesforce licenses in our org.  If the number of remaining licenses drops below a certain number, the Subscribed report gets sent to me.

But one important consideration, is that each user can only "Subscribe" to 5 reports.  It's a pretty low limit, and there is an Idea to increase it:

The limit on Scheduled reports is much different:
Jess JakobovicJess Jakobovic
I realize that I'm a couple years late to this question, but if Chantel Livengood still has it, here is the answer. The subscribe option in Lightning is a hybrid of schedule & subscribe in Classic. It allows you to set conditions, set a frequency and include other users in the subscription at the same time. When you subscribe to a report in Classic, only you are notified on the schedule chosen. When you schedule a report in Classic, you can include other users but can't add conditions.

Unfortunately, they kept the 5 reports per user limit for report subscription in Classic on the hybrid model in Lighting. It seems to me that for most companies the org wide limit of scheduled reports in Classic would be much more useful in Lightning, particularly because the hybrid product greatly reduces the total number of reports that can be generated automatically. 

As someone previously noted, there is an Idea to increase the limit that needs all the votes it can get.