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Kevin GoldhausenKevin Goldhausen 

delete shared post. What happens after deletion

When sharing an own created chatter post with a group. What happens once the original post will be deleted? Will it also be deleted within the group automatically?
Nishad KallingalNishad Kallingal
 Hi Kevin Goldhausen,

The chatter post will be  deleted within the group and  the followers.
When we creating   chatter post, the posted data will stored on Feed Item object. Same as when deleting that post it will delete from   Feed Item object. So the post will be deleted from the groups and  also the followers automatically.
You can also find the Feed Item object records on your developer console
When you post a file in Chatter, the file also appears in Salesforce CRM Content.
Remove the file on a Chatter feed by deleting its post. This deletes the post, removes the file from the feed and from the Notes and Attachments related list, but the file remains in its original location. If the file isn't posted anywhere else, it goes back to being private, but can be shared again later.

To delete the file from Chatter, Salesforce CRM Content, and all locations where it's been shared, click the name of the file on the Libraries, Content, or Subscriptions tab. From the content details page, click Edit | Delete Content to delete the file. Deleting a Chatter file from the content details page deletes the file from Salesforce CRM Content and from Chatter.Select the checkbox for the content file you want to restore, and click Undelete.
You can use the link to understand the relationships between the Chatter objects:

Nishad Kallingal