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Beth MackenzieBeth Mackenzie 

Opportunity Teams vs. "My Team's Opptys" Listview

I have a two part question.  The second part is based on the first part being true

By default, I would expect anyone below another user in the Org. Heirarchy (Roles) to be included when trying to view "My Team's xxxx" (in my case, xxx being Opptys)

so, if my hierarchy is as follows:

Business Ops
>> Sales Management
>> Regional Sales
>> Account Managers

then anyone in "Regional Sales" should see all opptys (be a part of the team) owned by anyone in "Account Managers" when selecting "My Teams' Oppts" and anyone in "Sales Management" should see "Regional Sales", etc.  In simplest terms, the users in role(s) that reports to you are a part of your Team.

IF this is true, then SECOND:
It seems that when Oppty Teams is turned on, the first part of this is no longer true and the idea of "Team" (based on Role) is overridden by any "Oppty Teams" assignments.

So, to use my above example...   "Regional Sales" no longer sees any opptys owned by anyone in "Account Managers" when selecting "My Teams' Oppts" unless they are either (1) manually added as a part of the oppty team or (2) added as a team member using automatic assignments and "Default Opportunity Team" in the user's profile.

Has anyone else found this to be true?  I've looked in Profiles, Permission sets and everywhere else to see if there is something else overriding this setting but don't see anyting

It looks like my options are to either (1) remove the ability for anyone to use "My Teams xxx" in both reports (which I don't think I can do) and also in ListViews or (2) go thru my entire org and add subordinates as a part of each users's "Default Opportunity Team"

any suggestions or insights into this?

Susan ThayerSusan Thayer
They should still be able to see it. Can you confirm that "Grant Access Using Hierarchies" is checked in your Org Wide Defaults.
Beth MackenzieBeth Mackenzie
Yes, the box is checked for Opptys (as well as most others)
Also, "Manager Groups" is checked on (I did this to test, didn't seem to make any difference)
There are no other Oppty Sharing Rules but we have many Account sharing rules
Manish ShahManish Shah
Beth Did you figure out the issue?  I am running into the same issue as you
Sriram SundarSriram Sundar
Beth, Manish,  Did this issue that reported get resolved, we are facing the same and visibility is limited to 1 level and visibility is not rolling up