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Karthik Babu ManoharKarthik Babu Manohar 

Manage External User Button in Lightning UI


Is 'Manage External User' button not yet supported in Lightning UI or do i have any configuration that needs to be enabled? Thanks.
Atul GuptaAtul Gupta
Kathik, before checking Lightning as the cause, please check this
Karthik Babu ManoharKarthik Babu Manohar
Hi Atul, The button is available in the Salesforce classic UI Contact page layouts and works as expected. But i don't get to see this in the Lightning UI. I am aware that Communities are yet to be fully functional in Lightning UI. 

Is this button not yet supported in Lightning as i can see it functional in Classic? or is there any special Lightning permission that i need to enable to see the button?

Danny RossDanny Ross
Hi Karthik, I have been asking the same question and had to query it with salesforce support, who confirmed the Manage External User button and the nested buttons it hosts are not supported in lightning yet.  At their suggestion I submitted an Idea to make this avaialble in lightning; 
Bob HatcherBob Hatcher
This is fundamental. And they wonder why Lightning adoption has been so slow...
Russell NurrenbernRussell Nurrenbern
Is there a workaround for this? We are considering custom-developing a better workaround than switching back to Classic.
Kelsey DuncanKelsey Duncan

Does anybody know if there is a workaround for this? I've got users switching between lightning and classic at the moment - very frustrating!

John HernandezJohn Hernandez
Unfortunately, I do not have an answer to this; however, i wanted to just let you know I'm one more person that has this concern.
Alan WentAlan Went
I agree this is an urgent need for those of us who use communities
Kavita SunderasonKavita Sunderason

How is this feature not available in this UI?? This is crucial!! 

Joyce DingJoyce Ding
When will this feature be available in Lightening UI?
Christopher LittlefieldChristopher Littlefield
I too have an urgent, crucial need for this functionality.
Danny RossDanny Ross
I posted an Idea which has been under "Prodcut Team Review" for several months, with no update or response from the product team per ususal, you can view and vote for it here; In additon, another community members posted a link to the Winter 18 Release notes indicating it actually will be available in this release
Karthik Babu ManoharKarthik Babu Manohar
Hey guys, yes I see this feature becoming available in Winter 18 release note
Katleen Bartnek-GallagherKatleen Bartnek-Gallagher
Thank you for posting the release note link. Very much appreciated. 
Esther HensbergenEsther Hensbergen
It is there on the Contact page layout by default in Winter '18. On the Account page layout, it is not, but in design it is possible to place those buttons on the page layout! So good news!
Katleen Bartnek-GallagherKatleen Bartnek-Gallagher
Great useful new addition. Thank you so much for letting me know. Thanks, Kati
Eric JunkerEric Junker
The Button seems to be there in Lightning since the Winter '18 Release. However I am experiencing some inconvenience here. The Button is redirecting me to the User creation page however it does not pass any of the Parameters. Is it actually using the unsopported URL Hacking method to pass those parameters? Anyone out there with the same issues?
Tim SlijpTim Slijp
Same issue here, only FirstName and LastName are passed on. I logged a case with support for this.
Eric JunkerEric Junker
This is actually a known Issue which will be fixed supposedly with the Summer '18 Release. Workaround would be to do this through Salesforce Classic. The Button should work fine when working with Standard Contacts and trying to enable these. The Problem only appears with Person Accounts.

Please see the following:
Tim SlijpTim Slijp
Thanks Eric, however we do not use or enabled Person Accounts, only Standard Contacts.
Eric JunkerEric Junker
Hey Tim, please make sure to have the Buttons also included in the "Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Actions" Section of the relevant Layout. Then everything should be working as it was in classic. 
Tim SlijpTim Slijp
Thanks Eric, I double checked, all the buttons are on the right places but it isn't working as supposed to.
Ankita mishraAnkita mishra
Hi All ,
I am still unable to see the manage external button on contacts in lightining whereas it its available in classic version.can you suggest what might be wrong?
Praful GadgePraful Gadge
Hello everyone!

'Manage External User' action(button) is available in Lightning after Winter '18.

Go to Contact page layout > Select the section 'Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions

There you will see different actions which are part of Manage Externa User in the classic as below -
  • Enable Customer User
  • Enable Partner User
  • Log in to Community as User
  • Log in to Portal as User
  • Disable Customer User
  • Disable Partner User

It shows a Contact page layout for Enabling External Users

User-added image

User-added image

Same kind of action(Enable as Partner) you can add on Account layout to make it available in Lightning Experience.

Please refer -

Please mark it as best answer, if this answers your question.

Reed HayesReed Hayes
I added Enable Customer User to my contact layout in Lightning but it's still not there. Double checked that I am looking at the right layout. I am.

Why can't LEX be easy to use like Classic? Using LEX is stressful and it makes getting work done take longer since I'm having to go to multiple places to find information.