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Default Stage Value for Opportunity

Hi All,
I'm trying to set the default Stage value when a user clicks the new button to create a new Opportunity.
I've looked everywhere and have not found any valid solutions other than creating a URL hack. Not a great solution.
It appears this issue has been around since Salesforces inception.
Has anybody resolved it?
Does Salesforce intend to add this capability?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


subramani Jsubramani J
whats the default value you want to set ? its based on any condition?
Pritam ShekhawatPritam Shekhawat
You can promote and upvote this idea here Default Values on Standard Fields (  
The other way to do this using URL Hack button or you can create a workflow rule to update opportunity stage to some default value.
Avinash VatsyaAvinash Vatsya
You have to go with URL hack :( 
Geoffrey FlynnGeoffrey Flynn
Salesforce has added this capability if you move to Lightning and use Quick Actions ( instead.  You can use Quick Actions in Classic as well, but they aren't as intuitive.
Salesforce SupportSalesforce Support
Thanks all for your input.

Re: creating a workflow suggestion: unfortunately that doesn't work when creating a new opportunity. It only defaults the value after you have saved the record. The issue is we want the stage value to default as soon as the user clicks the New button.

I will investigate the Quick Actions solution and report back.

Still unsure why Salesforce hasn't enabled setting default values for fields like Stage and Closed Date. People have been asking for this for a very long time.

It'd be good if somebody could give me a reason as to why it hasn't been implemented.

Thanks again for all of your responses.

Salesforce is seriously so backwards sometimes, like here's a great idea let's allow someone to set a default value on every field, except the one most used.  Having to pick "Qualification" for every single opp you create is a waste of time and is available in even free CRM systems.
David HillDavid Hill
I had the same problems as others with using workflow/process builder as a workaround to mimic a default value for the standard Opportunity field Stage. The problem is that it is an unalterably required field and needs a value before the record can be saved. Came up with a workaworkaround, still based on workflow:

(1) Edit your sales processes so that there is only one selected value for Stage (say, your preferred default value, but it doesn't actually matter, it will get overwritten anyway). When there is only one value, the field defaults to that value and users don't have to edit it to give it a value before hitting save.

(2) Add a custom picklist that has the same possible values as Stage, including the values you deselected in (1). You could call this picklist "Status." Set this picklist's default to your preferred default value.

(3) Copy the contents of the Stage field to the Status field in all your existing records. I used Data Loader to do this.

(4) Use process builder to make a rule that copies the value of Status to Stage every time an opportunity record is created or edited. (The functionality of Stage is preserved. When this rule fires, the change to Stage triggers the usual change to Probability.)

(5) The bummer: Having replaced the Stage field with a proxy, you can't then consign Stage to the background by removing it from your page layout or even make it read only. But as someone pointed out elsewhere (, you can use a validation rule to make a field effectively read only (I added the validation rule to the Stage field itself, error-condition formula: $User.Username <> ""). And you can edit the help text of both Stage and Status to let users know that Status takes precedence over Stage, they shouldn't bother trying to edit Stage, the value of Status will overwrite it no matter what.

I wonder if Salesforce will edit this workaround out of future releases before or after it adds default-value functionality to standard fields. (
Erik LarameeErik Laramee

Hey Folks, I was able to find a solution for this. We have a specific case where we want an Oppty created when an Account is created (we aren't using Leads here).

I built a PB process to create that Oppty but it wasn't setting the desired Stage even though you are given the option.

I then created a 2nd PB that sets the Stage when that specific type of Oppty is created and the Stage is set correctly. The Stage History still shows that the "original" default Stage was changed to the desired default Stage, which is not ideal. Still, it is a cleaner solution.

Jitendra JethwaniJitendra Jethwani
There is one way this can be achieved by configuration. Create two record type, one when a new record is created and toggle it to another record type when the record is saved.
Assign only one stage to the Sales process for which new record Record Type is linked. When a new record is created, the default is automatically set the first and only stage value. 
Gunnar PrangGunnar Prang
We've got the same issue. Salesforce still didn't add this much needed functionality.
A workaround is to override the "New" action and use a Lightning Component to create the record instead of the standard New/Edit page layout.