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Yosef SahlerYosef Sahler 

Where did Social Specialist Certification go?

Where can I find info about Marketing Cloud Social Specialist Certification? It appears to have been removed? I can't even find any exams on webassessor/kryterion.
Scott ThorntonScott Thornton
I was notified in an email last week that my Marketing Cloud Social Specialist credential will be retired on April 22, 2019 "due to changes within the program." Looks like it's been removed from the available exams/study guides too, which makes sense if it's being retired.

For next steps, they recommend new Social Studio content avialable on Trailhead, Social Studio Basics (https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/social-basics)  and Content Publishing with Social Studio (https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/content-publishing-with-social-studio).
Yosef SahlerYosef Sahler
Thanks @Scott. Do you know if the credential is being replaced with new requirements for SFMC certs?
Emilio CalcopietroEmilio Calcopietro
Hi everyone,
I have not yet understood why the certification was retired even though the platform is still used and maintained.I submitted a case to the support but I had no answer.
I see it's been about 5 months since you submitted your case Emilio - any word?  We are hiring a Social Media Manager - and I would like to know if the Social Studio is staying or going?  Right now we are paying extra for Hootsuite and I'm wondering if I can make a case to replace it with Social Studio.
mery cruzmery cruz
Hi everyone, Someone finally knows what was the reason that Marketing Cloud Social Specialist Certification isn´t avaliable?.