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Lenore MassaLenore Massa 

AD201 Exam questions where some answers are in SF Classic - need verification...

I keep getting the following questions wrong in mock exams. My research must be pointing me in the wrong direction. Also, several answers appear to be in Classic only. Does this matter?  My guesses are after the question itself. 

1. How should a Sys Admin provide a Sales Rep commission report that is visible only to Exec Team? A or D
a. Save the report in a folder shared with the Exec Team
b. Save the report in the Personal Report folder
c. Name the report For Exec Team Use only - do not use
d. Set Oppty OWD sharing settings to Private

2. A delegated Admin can't edit the Created Date field for the Account record. What is the reason A or B
a. The field is read only in field level security settings
b. This is a system audit field and it is read-only for existing records
c. This field is defined as Read-Only on the Page Layout
d. This user doesn't have Edit Permissions on the Account object

3. There is a renewal sales team that will use the Oppty object. They want to use many of the same picklist fields that are already defined, but will need unique values. What feature allows Admin to maintain sale field for 2 reasons? B or C
a. Permission Sets
b. Record Types
c. Sales Processes
d. Page Layouts

4. Company wants the sales team to access info about Closed Won Opportunities with a common competitor for all pending big deals. What feature should be implemented. B but this option is only in Classic
a. Commonalities and Won Information
b. Competitors and Similar Opportunities
c. Big Deal Alerts and Sales Teams
d. Sales Teams and Closed Won Opportunities

5. How should a sales rep send a product data sheet to a prospect without attaching a document to an email? B or D (this is in Classic only)
a. Assign the prospect as a campaign member to the product data sheet campaign record
b. Attach the data sheet to a Notes and Attachment related list and email the link to the prospect
c. Save the data sheet in the Shared Documents Folder and email the link to the prospect
d. Upload the data sheet to a Library and create/send a Content Pack to the prospect

6. Admin needs to implement biweekly notifications that include Opportunities that need attention based on Opportunity Owner's last login, past due Opportunities and all Opportunities that have not be updated in last 30 days. How should this be done? B but this is in Classic only
a. Create Scheduled Reports
b. Create Opportunity Update Reminders
c. Create a Chatter Group
d. Create a Scheduled Dashboard

7. How should an email automatically be sent to a customer when a comment is added to the case? A or C
a. Include customer in the Assignment Rule
b. Enable Case Comment Notifications to Contacts
c. Add comment to the Case Chatter Feed
d. Set the customer as the Automated Case User

8. In which situation is the Case Contact notified when a rep add a new case comment? A or C (this is related to question #7)
a. The admin enables Case Comment Notifications to Contacts
b. The rep uses the send email action on the case feed
c. The admin configures case auto response rules
d. The rep posts the commen to the Case Chatter Feed

9. A company wants to allow customers to submit Cases for technical inquires. What two options should be considered. A and C
a. generating Web to Case HTML code to add to the website
b. implementing a Partner Portner with Knowledge Templates
c. adding a link to a specified routing address for Email to Case
d. adding a link for Auto Response Rules for solutions

10. A company uses a private data access model. Product Managers and Sales Reps are in different branches of the role hierarchy. What should Admin do to ensure the Prod Managers can report on opportunities in their product line? B
a. Move all prod managers to a role below the sales rep
b. Create a sharing rule based on criteria
c. Save all opportunity reports in a public folder
d. Create a new role for Product managers and Sales Reps
Magulan DuraipandianMagulan Duraipandian
Salesforce classic is not ignored by Salesforce. So, consider it for the exam.

1. Answer: A

2. Answer: B

3. Answer: B

4. Answer: B

5. Answer: D

6. Answer: B

7. Answer: B

8. Answer: A

9. Answer: A, C

10. Answer: B
Lenore MassaLenore Massa
Thanks Magulan for taking time to answer my questions!
Dhanush Kumar ParamanathanDhanush Kumar Paramanathan
Hi Murugan,

Question 10 is not clear. My understanding is criteria based sharing is only limited to field values. Can you explain how you determined it to be criteria based?

Kavya KasturiKavya Kasturi
For this I tried creating a sharing rule to share opportunity records between roles.It works.
Hello, I just took a mock exam and this is the FIRST time i've ever heard of Commonalities and Won Information, Competitors and Similar Opportunities  , Sales Teams and Closed Won Opportunities. Where are these features please? I'm only familiar with the big deal alerts. I've looked these up and cant find them. Please and thank you!
Arjun SodhaniArjun Sodhani

Competitors and Similar Opportunities are features that you can find in Salesforce Classic only.
Sales Teams you can find and configure  in Setup under Sales > Account Teams.

Commonalities and Won Information aren't Salesforce features (at least that I could find).
Yuliet CamberYuliet Camber
Hi Dhanush Paramanathan,
I am not an expert and I am actually studying for my certification exam, but I believe the sharing rule "based on criteria" in this case refers to the following: Share access on Opportunities whenever the "product line field" on the Opportunity object matches the Prod Manager's specific product line,  and then the product manager will be able to report on those specific opportunities. 
This is actually my first post ever to the Trailblazer community, so, I hope I am not mistaken on my comment. Regards!! Yuliet
James FodyJames Fody
#6 comes from trailhead, Create Opportunity Update Reminders.
James FodyJames Fody
#2 comes from trailhead, A. This is a System Audit field and it is Read-Only for existing records.
James FodyJames Fody
#3 straight from trailhead, - Record Types
James FodyJames Fody
#4 straight from trailhead - Competitors and Similar Opportunities
James FodyJames Fody
#5 straight from trailhead, Upload the data sheet to a Library and create/send a Content Pack to the prospect.
James FodyJames Fody
#7 another trailhead question, - Enable Case Comment Notifications to Contacts
James FodyJames Fody
#8 Trailhead: A. The System Administrator enables Case Comment Notification to Contacts.
James FodyJames Fody
#10 trailhead: B. Create a sharing rule based on criteria.
Varun SharmaVarun Sharma
I think your question 3 is missing the keyword Stage since it will convert the answer to C which is sales process.

Question: Universal Containers has a renewals sales team that will use the Opportunity object. They want to use many of the same picklist values that are already defined for the Stage field, but will need unique picklist values for each team.
What feature allows a System Administrator to maintain the same Stage field with different values for two different teams?
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