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Samantha TurnbullSamantha Turnbull 

Transferring Notes & Attachments

Is it possible for public Notes & Attachments on an Opportunity record be pulled to the Sales Order when created? Then again, pulled from the Sales Order to the Billing when created?

This would be very helpful to ensure all users within the process have easy access to the necessary information relating to that specific opportunity without having to reference back to the Opportunity record itself. 

Steve DoddSteve Dodd
Hi Samantha,

Not declaratively, but you could reparent the notes and attachments when each new object is created using an Apex trigger that loops through all of the Notes/Attachments, clones them, attaches them to the new parent and then deletes the original from the object where they had been residing.

There is also a manual process that involves Data Loader - Knowledge Article 000232475 details the approach:
Ahilesh RagavanAhilesh Ragavan
Hello Samantha,

Look into the Enhanced Notes feature. With this it is possible to relate mutiple records to the notes(but only in Lightning!)

Notes: Add Important Information to Records

Considerations for enabling the enhanced note-taking tool (Notes) and using Files

Hope this helps!