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Laura McCravenLaura McCraven 

Recommended workarounds for Quote Line Item sorting

Any ideas or workarounds that will allow us to sort Quote line items automatically or to see something other than Product name to sort? 
Jeff MayJeff May
To do that automatically, you probably need an apex trigger. It might be something a Flow could do, but the Flow would be very compex.
Philip Philip MeldrumPhilip Philip Meldrum
Hi Lauren, 

As a Salesforce developer I wanted to see what could be done to allow users to sort Quote Line Items by a selected Field or Fields. We have come up with a solution. It's not perfect, but it does give you a way to sort Quote Line
Items in both lightning and classic.

It's a managed App called Alpha Easy Sort App that you can install on your Salesforce Org from the App Exchange. It installs a button that can placed on the Quote screen or above the Quote Line Item Related List.

The App can be used to custom sort a Quote’s line items in both classic and lightning versions of salesforce. Sorting can be done, by the user selecting a pre-defined sort order or using a list to move line items up and down to the desired order. 

Give it a go.