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Glen CubinarGlen Cubinar 

Need help/suggestion/solution for a non-profit events management requirement

Hi Everyone,

Our requirement would contain the following, with the limitation of limited budget that cant afford community licenses and expensive 3rd party application:

1. Login function for customer to store information.
2. Allow registration for customer.
3. Inherit customer information when registering to an event to remove the process of typing their information again and again when registering to different events.
4. Customer can pay on a site via card
5. Transaction for success and unsuccessful payment should be tracked within saleforce

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Tom FarringtonTom Farrington
Hi Glen,

To be honest I'm not certain what you are asking here.  Do you have an existing org you wish to develop? or are you looking at alternatives?

I am by no means a salesforce expert but I have worked in the charity sector for years (with salesforce for 2).  Are you aware that if you have a registered charity number you can apply for Salesforce NPSP through the 'Power Of Us' programme.  This is effectivly a salesforce version which is tailored to Non-profits.  If they accept your application it means you get Salesforce Professional level and 10 licences for free!

That would include some features you could use to achieve the above, web to case for example might be interesting.

You would still have to look at 3rd party apps for some of it,  but there are often discounts for non-profits on those to.

If there is anything else you think I can help with feel free to contact me.

Good luck with the development!