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Andrew BarberAndrew Barber 

Customize Lead Convert Page


On my lead conversion page I am seeing a section called 'B25 Housekeeping' which I would like to remove from the page (see screenshot below). I was under the impression that the standard lead conversion page was not customizable so I am not sure how this section appeared in the first place, let alone how to remove it.

Thanks in advance,


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Pruthvi Raj KankunthalaPruthvi Raj Kankunthala
@Andrew: AFAIK you cannot customize this screen. You might have mapped those 3 fields in the Lead conversion settings.
Mitesh ChauhanMitesh Chauhan
I think this may be custom task fields that are appearing on that layout, rather than lead fields, as that section below the lead convert info is dedicated to creating tasks for follow up on a lead, so i think you are seeing custom 'task' object fields there. As for removing them, i'm not sure you can - i haven't seen any options that allow you to specify what appears on the lead conversion page. Only other options may be to create a custom lead conversion page, but that is probably more trouble than it's worth! OR: restrict visibility to task fields by profile, to prevent some profiles from seeing those fields.
Gobinath AGobinath A
Hi Andrew Barber ,

Setup >Task Page Layouts > Edit > You can find that Field and section > Please remove that. 

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