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Mickael SelanderMickael Selander 

Process Builder check if already campaign member?

Hi everyone,
Is there anyway to check if a contact/lead already is a campaign member?
I created a process to add the user to a specific campaign if they have finished a specifika test(custom object) but sometime the do the test again and I get a Error Occurred During Flow about duplicate value, is there anyway to bybass this error? like on error resume next or something :P

The custom object is not connected to campaigns in anyway
Matt BertuzziMatt Bertuzzi
I believe this would be better handled by a flow. Flow would do the look up and have a decision element.  If a Dupe wasn't found, create the record.
Mickael SelanderMickael Selander
Yes seems that flows are better in that so I just create a flow and let Process Builder just execute the flow :)