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Lauren PolakLauren Polak 

How do I add Log Call, New Task, and New Event to the Activities Component in Lightning? Mine will only show Send Email

My Lightning Activity Component is only showing Send Email.  How do I add the other tabs for other activities (event, task, call?).
- These buttons are included in the Quick Actions in SF Classic Publisher and SF1/Lightning Experience Actions on the page layout
- I have the clones of these actions from an old Expense mgt system (aka 2 New Event actions), but I made sure the correct ones were pulled into these 2 sections on the page layout.
- These buttons are included on my Classic Activities section.
I read through other people's questions/answers and still at a loss!  Hopefully someone will have the magic trick!
Lightning Activity Component - Missing other activities
Opp page layout
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Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez
Do you have custom record types? Check the actions record type and be sure To have custom record type and not the Master one

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Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez
Do you have custom record types? Check the actions record type and be sure To have custom record type and not the Master one
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Lauren PolakLauren Polak
Hi Omar, Thanks for the response.  I saw this post in my initial search.  I don't have custom record types for Opportunties, but I do for Accounts and Contacts.  I'm running into the same issue on all objects.

When I go into an object, say opptys, and click on the Buttons, Links, and Actions, I don't have these actions listed - just our standard and custom buttons/links.  They show up as part of the related list and I assume I wouldn't have to make duplicate Actions in each Object.  I also don't see where you select Record type in the individual actions.  Mine just show "No Overide (use default) (selected), Custom S-Control and Visualforce Page.

Separately I went into the Object page layouts and Resored Defaults in the Activity List.  Also didn't work.

I appreciate your help!  I keep hitting deadends so perhaps I should reach out to SF support.
Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez
Read this and let me know what you missed.
Lauren PolakLauren Polak
Hi Omar,  Thanks again for helping out with this.  I finally got it!

I had looked at Global Actions before to confirm that the actions I needed were there (which they were + the clones of the actions from Concur).  I didn't realize that this was where I needed to update the record type.

The answer I had seen before says to go to the Object, Buttons/Links/Actions, and change the record type there but the Record Type field wasn't available here.

I went to Global Actions, selected the Action, and changed the Record type from --master--  to the Record Type of the action.  (i.e. for New Task, changed the Record Type drop down from --master-- to Task Record).  

Thanks again!  
Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez
Jejeje good news!! Look my first message... looks similar?  Maybe my english its not the best!  Lol.  Regards
Lauren PolakLauren Polak
Ah yes - I didn't think I had custom record types for Tasks/Events but apparently that was it!  I'll mark that one as best answer!  Have a good one.
Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez
You too Lauren.  Regards
Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez

The activity actions within the lightning experience need to be added to the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section in the Page Layout.

You may notice that some activity actions within the lightning experience do not appear on records even though those actions have been added to the Salesforce1 and Lightning Experience Actions section.

If any of the actions above are missing and you have checked the page layouts to ensure they have been added, then it may be related to not associating a record types with any of those 3 specific global actions.

To confirm this, 

1) -In the Lightning Experience, Setup Home | User Interface | Global Actions | Global Actions 
    -In Aloha Classic, Setup | Global Actions 
2) Click Edit next to any of the missing global actions (New Event, New Task, Log a Call)
3) Look at the 'Record Type' pick list and see if the selected value is Not one of your custom record types or if it says --Master--

Resolution:  To resolve the issue, you will have up update the Record Type to be set to a default value that is one of the custom record types. --Master-- will not work.

Note: If you have no custom record types for these objects (Tasks, Events) then you won't be able to select any Record Type. If you do have custom record types, it needs to be associated with the global action to work in the lightning experience under the Activity composer.

Further explanation in this Idea:

"There are a number of reasons why we don't add the activity actions to page layouts by default.  We have a general policy of not tinkering around with existing configurations as we don't want to chance breaking your customizations.  The actions section that you're referring to in a page layout has existed before Lightning and as you mentioned was used to configure Salesforce1 actions.  We didn't want to risk breaking customer's existing configurations to that section, so we don't automatically add the activity actions to the page layout.

Also, many customers use activity record types and hence have created custom actions to do things like create new tasks, and log calls, since these actions work better when a record type is specified in the conifguration.  We didn't want to make any assumptions and just put a generic log a call or new task action in the page layout, as it wouldn't have worked for these types of customers."
Mubs THMubs TH
Guys, This is a better approach of solving this problem:

You may take a look at the article below:
If this does not help, I'd suggest starting a support case so the team can investigate this issue further. Thank you.
Susan NorrisSusan Norris
I have completed th eabove, assigning them to my custom page layout, however I still cannot figure out how to add them to the activity section on my account page.  Any help woulf be greatly apreciated.  Thanks.

Omar RodriguezOmar Rodriguez
Add the actions to the lightning actions sections in the page layout.

James QuinnJames Quinn

Are you working with the Case object?

Please see Susan Thayer's comment in this thread: The idea is that Case is a feed-centric object, so all mobile and lightning actions that would normally appear on the Activities Component (e.g. Log a Call, Email, New Task, New Event) instead appear on the Chatter Feed Component when working with Cases in lightning. 

Unfortunately, Salesforce has documented this exactly nowhere and I spent all day figuring this out. Hoping to spare others from the same fate! 


Frank McWilliamsFrank McWilliams
This is really annoying! Can you make a video walking people through the steps?
Brian KarcinskiBrian Karcinski
One thing to note is the profile you want the task button to show up for needs to have the record type that is in the global actions record type.  Either that or you would have to create a global action for each record type which doesn't seem scalable.
Stephen ChilcoatStephen Chilcoat
This is driving me nuts.  I was able to get Log A Call to show up (it wasn't in the global publisher), but I still can't get SendEmail.  I add that one to the publisher and my page layout and I get nothing (already confirmed I have access to all record types, page layouts, etc).  It is worth noting that my SendEmail global action does NOT have an option for selected a record type.  I also tried creating a custom SendEmail button but I am receiving an error saying "SendEmail is disabled or Activities are not allowed.  Enable SendEmail or allow Activities and try again".  Activites and Emails have always been turned on in my org and I have full access to both in classic.  Where do I go to find the settings it is speaking of and check them?
Brian KarcinskiBrian Karcinski
Maybe this will help Stephen.
Stephen ChilcoatStephen Chilcoat
That didn't help Brian.  My problem is that I can't get the Send an Email function to show up at all on my page:
User-added image
Stephen ChilcoatStephen Chilcoat
I also confirmed that my profile has the Send Email setting turned on.

User-added image
David SchneiderDavid Schneider
I have been struggling with this for days, all I have is email, I can't get Task, Event or Log Call to appear no matter what I try. I wish Salesforce would turn these on by default or provide some guidance or support on this issue! 
Matt TuomalaMatt Tuomala
OMG :D This was one of the first results, though my issue is
How do I add Send Email to the Activities Component in Lightning? Mine will only show Log Call, New Task, and New Event.

and Results!  Email was alredy in the Global Actions layout, but was last in the line.  either moving it closer to the front, or just resaving the layout made it appear.

User-added image

User-added image
Nikhil BanerjiNikhil Banerji

I had a similar problem to Lauren not long ago - I needed to add the 'New Task' action to the Activities component on my opportunities page. Here's how i did it: 

Click Object Manager -> Select relevant Object - in my case this was Opportunity -> Click Page Layouts -> (Select the page layout you need to update) -> Click on the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section  -> Identify and drag the action you want to add to the layout (in my case 'New Task') and place it in the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section on the page layout -> Hit Save -> Check out the updated layout :) 

User-added image

Refer to this short article for a tad more detail: