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Thomas PellegrinoThomas Pellegrino 

What happens if I don't move to the new Lightning Experience?

Hi all,

I am evaluating moving my Organization over to the Lightning Experience.  However, I am not prepared to do that just yet.  What happens if I don't move to the Lightning Experience?  How long can I still use the Salesforce Classic?  
Avi BAvi B
Thomas - I have previously asked Salesforce support the exact same question and this was the response "As of now, we don't have any plans on retiring since there are still lots of our end user using the classic view."
We would know if Salesforce was to retire Classic. 
Ashwani SoniAshwani Soni
Hi Thomas,

There are considerable amount of Users which are using classic view and Lightning still not yet have all features which classic have so, retiring should not be in the plan. Even if they plan they will have to tell year before so, customers can migrate.

However, I would like to recommend you to explore the lightning experience. Please go through Lighting experience trailhead to understand the business use cases.

Chris SimmonsChris Simmons
I'll echo Ashwani's sentiments to explore Lightning

What happens if I don't move to the Lightning Experience?...well, pretty much all of Salesforce's cool new features are being built specifically for Lightning & many of these features aren't available for Classic, so you'll miss out on some of the new functionality if you stay in Classic
Tom BlamireTom Blamire
There are no current plans to stop using Classic. What I believe will happen in the future is that Classic will stop being developed on meaning that only the cool new updates will be available on Lightning meaning there will be a tendency to convert
Christen WebsterChristen Webster
I'd like to know this too...
I've only had a quick look around, and while the font is nicer perhaps - I actually find the Classic view much easier to navigate and look at information quickly! I'm all for change if change is better, but I'm skeptical! 
Eg - I just went to add a follow-up task from an Account record and I couldn't find it anywhere, switched back to classic to create it and went back in to see where it goes. Now there's a "New task" button, but it wasn't there before. Why would the layouts / buttons change if they were working? Can you reset layouts to mimick classic layouts?
Stephen WagnerStephen Wagner
I don't know for sure, but I think Lightning has to be configured.  Meaning, certain features come in Lightning by default and others have to be switched on.