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Anna CalcagnoAnna Calcagno 

Scheduled report not including all users

I have a scheduled report that is set up to send to a combination or users, roles, and chatter free users. As of two weeks ago, this was working as it should but the scheduled report this week only shows 3 of the 6 total recipients in the To: line of the report.

I've already verfied that our email deliverability passes, which it does, we have not hit our scheduled report limits, and I have ensured all email addresses are correct. Is there anything else I should be looking out for? I find it unlikely that this is a spam email folder issue as it doesn't even appear as if the additional users are receiving the report in the first place.

Shannon ZdanowiczShannon Zdanowicz
Can you include a screen shot of the detail from the report scheduling screen?
Anna CalcagnoAnna Calcagno
Sure thing! The top image is what the report schedule looks like when attempting to edit the recipients and/or timing of when the report is sent. The bottom image shows the number of people that the scheduled report is actually sent to. 

From this comparison, it seems that its not that report is getting lost in an inbox or a folder but rather the report isn't being sent to the appropriate individuals in the first place.

User-added image
Shannon ZdanowiczShannon Zdanowicz
Are the 3 people that are receiving the report the 3 individuals that are listed?

Anna CalcagnoAnna Calcagno
One of the individuals listed (me) is a recipient of the report, the other two are the users in the specified roles. The other three users listed did not receive the report.

I have just been notified that another report, scheduled to be sent out to a different subset of users did not get distributed to the entire intended list. The report was sent out to a subset of users, but not all users. This report follows the same pattern as above where the report schedule lists all users but the To: line of the emailed report only has a subset.
Shannon ZdanowiczShannon Zdanowicz
I have been testing this and I am not able to recreate with a similar result.

I would suggest this just as a test on your end.  Create a public group and add those individual users.   Add the public group to the report distribution and remove the individual users.   See if you get a different result.   If you do then the issue might be worth contacting salesforce about.    The reason I lead you to test this way is because you indicated the users in the Roles were receiving the report and the individual users were not. 

Anna CalcagnoAnna Calcagno
Thanks for your help Shannon! It turns out Enhanced Folder Sharing had been turned on in my org but the proper sharing changes hadn't been made to allow for all users that needed it to receive the report.  Appreciate you taking the time!
Shannon ZdanowiczShannon Zdanowicz
glad you were able to track that down.  ;)