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Michael PaulMichael Paul 

how to add an attachement to a custom object

I have 2 projects that are similar in nature.  they both need a custom object built so i can create customized fields to gather specific project data.  They will also be related to the Account Object as most of these projects are created related to the account.  (One is for Graphic Requests the second is for Customer Menus)
They both need to act like a task but with the ability to add an attachment.

We use tasks for daily things we need to do and the task page layout is pretty simple for those items.  I don't want to add these 2 specific project pages into tasks so not to clutter the needed information for easy day to day tasks.

From what i'm reading the only way to add attachments is through the Notes & Attachment object (which is not customizable)
Is there a way to allow for attachments in a custom object?  if not how do i get around this issue?
Jim MitchellJim Mitchell

Custom objects have the notes & attachments functionality built in automatically. You probably just need to add it to the page layout.
  • From your page (as an admin), click the "Edit Layout" link in the upper right of the page.
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  • Then, click "Related Lists" in the page layout edit screen, and drag the "Notes & Attachments" related list onto your page.
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  • Save your page layout, and you're good.
Michael PaulMichael Paul
what i didnt realize is that you have to creat a record before the Notes & Attachment field kicks in and shows up.