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Phani kumarPhani kumar 

Global Search filters per object

Hi Friends,

I would like to exclude the some objects from global search. By using global search, the search results don't show those particular objects. Out of all objects, i want to exclude some objects from global search results. These objects we are using for historical data.

My client don't want to include these objects in the global search results.

I tried to set the search settings and uncheck the objects which are used for global serach. But, it is not happening.

Please help me how to filter the objects in global search results.

Anshul JainAnshul Jain
Hello Phani,

If you wanted to completely block out an object, dont create a tab for it, and it doesn't show up in the search.

However, for all other cases, as long as the sharing settings permit the user to see the data, and if it matches the search expression, it will be returned in the results.


Jeff MayJeff May
As you've seen, if an object or record is visible to a User, it can be searched.

If you can't remove the tab, you have 2 choices:

1) Use Sharing Settings to control which records each user can see.   (Admin Setup->Security Controls->Sharing Settings).  Global Search only displays records the User is allowed to see.

2) Revise your Permission Sets and Profiles to make these objects unavailable to those Users who shouldn't see them.  This will hide the objects completely from the Users.    

Phani kumarPhani kumar
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the support.

But, in my current project we are using custom objects to store historical data and given access on that historical data to all and that data is read-only.

But, when the service support guy tries to search for the items, he may also gets the results of this historical data too.
My client wants to exclude the historical data from the global search and that data should be visible to all the users.

Please suggest me how to exclude the historical data from the global search.

Jeff MayJeff May
If I understand correctly, you should discuss with your client what they are asking for since it doesn't make sense.   They want everyone to be able to see the records, but don't want them to be able to search for the records.   
srinu namanisrinu namani
Hi Jeff,

When a user created a record for a object, he can see the record but unable to search for the same using Global Search.

Can you help me in this case