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Natalie AvdichNatalie Avdich 

Images from email signatures saving into notes and attachments section

We also have the problem of images from email signatures saving into the notes and attachments section when using the sidepanel to drop emails from outlook to salesforce. It is becoming a big problem.
I am wondering if anyone knows of any apps out there that can help clean this up, or prevent this from happening? Thanks
Joey Chan (Cloud Jedi)Joey Chan (Cloud Jedi)
Unfortunately there is no easy way for the system to determine if an image is an email signature or if its a screenshot that should really be attached to the record.

I'm afraid there aren't any existing apps that will be a good fit for your problem. It may be possible to do an export of all of the attachments and then find those that have something like signature.png or signature.jpg and then delete them using data loader.

Would this work for your case as a workaround?
Amitkumar BangadAmitkumar Bangad
Hi Natalie,

When images in signature get saved in attachments, what 'Name' do they take ? Can you post a screenshot !

Natalie AvdichNatalie Avdich
Hi Joey and Amit, thanks for your reply. I think we are most likely going to switch the auto save function off - and then look at at the most efficient way to clean our system up. This seems like the most reasonable solutions.
When images get saved they take the following format "image001.png". I have included a screen shot for you. In the screen shot only 2 of the attachments are actually real attachments-the rest are images from our signatures. In some cases we have pages and pages of these. Thanks, Nat
snapshot example of email signature images saving into notes and attachments section
Ben OrtizBen Ortiz

Hi Natalie,

Great News! The company I work for just released an app that will take care of this for you:

I also wrote a blog post on the functionality on the app:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ben Ortiz
Simon LaceySimon Lacey
Hi Ben, this is a great product, but for a smal company $720 per annum is a lot of money. Are there any smaller options for 5 users? Thanks, Simon