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Jason ParkerJason Parker 

Can I link a single contact to multiple account records?

I have a customer that is the primary contact for two unrelated accounts. Can I create one contact record and associate it with two account records? If so, how do I do so?
Vamsi GosuVamsi Gosu
there is a long pending idea related to this which is currently Under Consideration..

if you go thru the Idea comments you will get an idea on how to approach this with current limitation..
Joey Chan (Cloud Jedi)Joey Chan (Cloud Jedi)
@Jason - Currently there is no easy way to do this but there are workarounds but it will be messy. Is it a rare case for you to have a contact linked to multiple accounts or is it something common?
Josh HarshJosh Harsh
You can create a lookup field to the Account, then add the related list to the Contact layout to see all the Accounts that contact is linked to.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
You might wanrt to check out the "People First" App from Salesforce, it's available for free on the AppExchange =>
Paul FuryPaul Fury
There are a several ways to deal with this.  Here is a video to one solution we use:

Also, there is currently a beta for a new way to relate one contact to many accounts 
Justice SikakaneJustice Sikakane
Any limitations with Record Types?
Head In CloudHead In Cloud
Hi jason,

Good News for you , in Summer 16 release salesforce has built this functionality in which a contact can be linked to multiple accounts.
For details please visit :

Hope this helps.