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Chris DiChiaraChris DiChiara 

how do i enable search all for all of my users?

when some of my users search, they get limited results, but more results once they click "search all" after the initial search.  how can they get all results without clicking "search all"? 

for example, i am a system admin and do not have to click search all to get all results.  i have another user that is an admin and they have to click search all.  

Any ideas?
Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Hi Chris, after they click search all it should remember the setting for subsequent searches.  I don't believe there is a global setting for this.
Chris EdwardsChris Edwards
Global Search tries to be clever by predicting what you want to see based on the types of objects you most often interact with. It could well be that the default search results are differing per user due to this 'intelligence'. I believe that hitting Search All removes that smart filtering and opens up the search results. (Source:

So it could just be that Global Search needs more time to 'learn' what your users search for before the default search results become more useful. I don't know of a way to fast-track or avoid that training though, sorry. 
Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
Hi Chris, if your question is answered please mark a best answer to close out the thread.  Thanks
Chris DiChiaraChris DiChiara
unfortuantely we tried clicking search all, and after many attempts it's still not searching all unless you continue to click search all.
Chris EdwardsChris Edwards
Hey Chris. You could maybe try pinning all the objects in the left pane of the search results. To my knowledge, pinned objects are always returned without the need to click Search All. It's no more than a workaround, but it could help you out. 
Cindy DanielsonCindy Danielson
Hi Chris DiChiara, did you ever get resolution to this?  I just discovered one of my users is having the same issue.