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Sumit SachdevaSumit Sachdeva 

Running report as another user

We have a set of sales users, who are reporting to their managers. Now the managers have some personal assistants(PAs). The PAs also manage many of the accounts that the managers are looking into. In effect, the PAs support all the users that report to the manager.
Now, what we want is, the PAs should be able to run reports as the managers. Is their a provision to do that?
Please do not suggest scheduling reports as it has various limitations which everybody is aware of.
We are using Unlimited Edition of Salesforce.

Pratik MunotPratik Munot
For reports its Scheduling Report option only where you can set the running user.
dashboard like functionality is not available in report toset running user without scheduling.
Sumit SachdevaSumit Sachdeva
Thanks for your reply Pratik. We CAN, but we aren't willing to. As in, Lets say there are 3 manager, and we have 1 support person. So for scheduling, if we set the runing user and schedule, we would need to create 3 versions of the report with the 3 managers as the running user. This would create like 15-20 futile reports. and this not being an elegant solution and a wasted effort, we do not want to consider that.

Pratik MunotPratik Munot
so what other way when you say we can if not through scheduling?
Sumit SachdevaSumit Sachdeva
I meant to say that we are not considering shceduling because of this very limitation of creating multiple reports.
Pratik MunotPratik Munot
Sumit SachdevaSumit Sachdeva
Does anyone have any inputs on this please?