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Sanjeev RSanjeev R 

Steps to set my company logo to replace the Salesforce logo at top left corner

Please guide me with the steps to set my company logo to replace the Salesforce logo at top left corner without making an app.
subramani Jsubramani J
You can add logo in Left bar as Home component.

How do I add a logo to the sidebar?

Knowledge Article Number: 97567


How do I add a logo to the sidebar?


As a system administrator, you can display a logo on your sidebar, located on the left hand side of most pages. To add a logo to your sidebar, be sure to have the image saved to the Documents tab making sure to check the box to make the image "externally available" (for portal users) and that the image is in a folder that is accessible to internal users first, then follow the steps below:

1. Click on:

Setup | App Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Components.

2. Create a new custom component and follow the directions to save an image.

3. Once the image is saved, click on the "Home Page Layouts" link located under "Home Page Components".

4. Create a new layout and click "Save".

5. Ensure that 'company logo' is selected, and then click "Next".

6. In step 2, move 'company logo' to the top of the left column (Narrow).

7. Click "Save & Assign" to assign this page layout to the profiles you would like to have the logo displayed for.
Sanjeev RSanjeev R
Hi Subra,
but this will show the logo below the salesforce log... I need to repleace the salesforce that possible in salesforce
subramani Jsubramani J
Go to Setup | App Setup | Create | App > Edit (next to the app you want to change the logo of)

You should see a section for uploading a logo there.
Sanjeev RSanjeev R

Hi Subra,

no not for any app... it is possible to have our Logo if we are have  any app...

But is that possibe to change the default salesforce logo that we see in the ORG at left-top corner.



subramani Jsubramani J
1.) Create a logo with roughly this size (253px × 55px).
2.) Upload as a Document in salesforce (set so everyone can view it in a public folder).
3.) Click on Setup, then Create, then Apps.
4.) Edit each of the Apps in the list to set the Custom App Logo to the image you uploaded in step #2.
5.) Save.

ref :
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As of 7/9/2015  the messages says  " This is a standard app. You cannot customize its label or logo."  So you can have a logo for customized app s only not for standard apps like Sales etc.
David GrubyDavid Gruby
Hi, I'm a new administrator and I'm trying to change the logo but it says "This is standard app. You cannot customise its label or logo."!
Bruno LubeBruno Lube
An app is jst a way to better organize your tabs. Create at least one so you can change the logo. It will not affect any other funcionality. Chosse the tabs you want to show at this app and change it to default for desired profiles. You will see it´s not like rocket science.
Maria HuemmerMaria Huemmer
Here is an answer with more detail on how to do this (

Essentially you need upload an image that meets the criteria (small, externally available), and then create a custom app and assign the logo. Custom images can not be added to standard apps.
Jakub GlistakJakub Glistak
In order to change Company Logo, you need to go to Setup -> Themes and Branding (under User Interface) -> create a new Theme, add Logo and custom branding and mark theme as active. 
sidhartha nathsharmasidhartha nathsharma
From setup => user inteface > Themes and Branding 
Coco ZhaoCoco Zhao
You can go to Setup > User Interface > Themes and Branding to custom the logo and color theme, then Preview and Activate the theme. Make sure to create a banner with your company logo and transparent background for Brand Image (600x120 pixels).