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Jason JonesJason Jones 

Hide Queue Visibility

How do i hide queue visibility in Salesforce?

I have queues only for certain groups and do not wish others to see.
Hi Jason,

It seems currently there is no restriction for Queue visibility as I know.

 I just created Idea for this, you can vote for this Idea - Restrict Queue visibility to certain Groups/Users in Salesforce? (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000l2PVAAY)
Jason JonesJason Jones
I figured it out. I was trying to over engineer it. You can hide visibility if you edit the view.

OK Cool :)

My situation is I just need this while changing lead owner.. It's look up field..Need to restrict some Queue while search the values in look up, currently it shows all value.

.User-added image

Is ther is any work around for this !.

Cloud AtlasCloud Atlas
Hey Jason,

When  you said edit the view to disable visibility in SF for Lead Queues other than specified, you meant EDIT next to Leads drop down on Leads page, right??
Brandon DennisBrandon Dennis
So you need to be an administrator or have Manage Public List Views enabled on your profile/permission set. Go to the cases tab and select the queue you wish to manage. Select the Edit button. 

User-added image

Scroll to Step. 4 Restrict Visibility and you make restrictions based on public group, role & subordinates, and roles. 

User-added image

Make your updates and click save. Sorry I was late to the party! :) 
Veena JakoreVeena Jakore
Hi Rajkumar,

Did you get any solution on the issue?

I have the same requirement I have to restrict Queue visibility based on Current Owners country.
Lokeswara Reddy YanamalaLokeswara Reddy Yanamala
Hi Veena Jakore,

You have to have one public group for each country and add users / roles into it. 
Then share the queue visibliity to this public group(s)
Christopher MillsChristopher Mills
How can you just block case records from being seen by members outside the Queue? We have an accounting queue that has sensitive information in cases that we do not want anyone outside the SF admin and the CEO to be able to see.