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Nataliya BigelNataliya Bigel 

How do I set the dfault currency in opportunities to Euros?(Is it possible that the amount of project initially formed in a report "new rep" in euros?)

How do I set the dfault currency in opportunities to   Euros?
Vamsi GosuVamsi Gosu
you can refer to this salesforce article for understanding currency and other localisation in salesforce..
Sachin DasSachin Das
The Multi-Currency functionality CANNOT be turned off once it is activated. recommends reviewing this information or discussing the decision with a Salesforce Support Analyst. also recommends testing the activation in a Sandbox environment.

1. When converts your organization to multi-currency, we must stamp all existing records with one currency code. Therefore, if you've entered Opportunities in multiple currencies (for example, multi-currency is not activated and all reps in the US have entered US Dollars and all reps in Europe have entered amounts in EUR) you will need to switch all of these to one currency first. This type of conversion can be supported via a paid implementation service.

2. Be aware that when you add a currency to your organization's list of supported currencies, you cannot then delete that currency from the Administrator's screen. This is a purely cosmetic issue. You may deactivate currencies so end users will not see them when creating new Opportunities, etc. However, the Administrator will always see inactivated currencies in the manage currencies list. Salesforce recommends keeping this in mind when doing initial configuration. Test with currencies that you will eventually use in the business.

3. All currency fields in Salesforce will now display with the ISO code of the currency preceding the number. For example, $100 will change to USD 100.

4. Currency conversion rates are manually maintained, not automatically. All converted currency fields are calculated real-time when the record is viewed or retrieved - there is no need for any recalculations.

5. Primary currency will show up as before but now an additional value in parentheses will show the converted amount in the secondary currency. The primary currency will be the corporate default currency unless overridden per record using fields such as Account Currency, Opportunity Currency, etc. The (converted) amount shown is always your personal default currency. Please note, the fields Account Currency and Opportunity Currency are only available in [New] and [Edit] mode.

6. Objects with converted currency fields include Opportunities, Opportunity Products, Opportunity Product Schedules, Campaign Opportunity fields, and reports related to these objects and fields.  Muliti-currency fields are on these page layouts by default.

7. By default only your current exchange rate settings in Salesforce are used for converting ALL amounts; change an exchange rate, and all records, even closed Opportunities will show updated converted amount for secondary currency.

**However, you can track historical exchange rates using Advanced Currency Management. When enabled, ACM allows maintaining of a list of exchange rates and which date ranges they apply to. Converted "Amount" field on Opportunity - regardless of stage - will display based on exchange rate for the given Close Date. Changing the Close Date will impact (converted) amounts if it changes to a different exchange rate period.

NOTE: Dated exchange rates are not used in forecasting, currency fields in other objects, or currency fields in other types of reports.

8. Opportunity records will have new standard required picklist field called Opportunity Currency visible only in the New and Edit modes. The selected currency for each Opportunity is used for the primary amount field.

9. End users will see a Currency option in Setup | Personal Information which they may Edit and set to determine the currency for converted amounts. Switching that default will change the currency for converted amounts real time as they view or report on records.

10. Reports will show primary amounts per the Opportunity Currency for each included record. Reports will show converted amounts in the currency of the user running the report OR the currency set using the picklist in the bottom of the report criteria page.

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