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Valentine MorozValentine Moroz 

How do I know if my auto-assignment rules are working (marketo integration)?


I have Salesforce and Marketo Integration, and auto-assignment rules set up to assign lead owners based on country. When leads come in through Marketo, they are automatically synced to Salesforce, but they don't appear to be assigned to their correct lead owner, instead they get assigned to the default lead owner. My only guess is that Marketo or Salesforce is not able to read the country value in time to assign the correct owner or I don't have the rules correctly in place.

So my default owner (me) gets assigned a large queue when they should clearly  be sent to my other lead owners.

So, I'm not entirely sure if my auto-assignment rules are correctly in place. I'm using the "when criteria is met" option, and my values are if lead country = value or lead country = another value (and so on), then assign to lead owner y. Is this logic correct?

Here's an example of my rules:
User-added image

Can someone tell me if I'm doing this wrong?
Heidi BroseHeidi Brose
My first thought is that you don't have the lead mapping set up quite right in Marketo. Is the country pulling over into the lead when you look at it in salesforce? 

Also as a tip, you don't have to use filters indivually. :) You can use a comma between the countries (ex Country EQUALS United States, US, Canada, Boliva, Spain) to make it a little easier to look at. 

Launa SaundersLauna Saunders
+1 @Heidi Brose! keep the rules simple with commas in a single statement. Additionally: do you have a "region" or "territory" identify anywhere on your lead/account records? If so, you can simplify your assignment rules based on " region = Americas", "region equals = East Europe", etc.

Lead assignment rules work off of a process of elimination, so if you have a lead that does not have a country assigned, and therefore doesn't match any of your rules, it will go to the default lead owner. It is also important to ensure your rules are in the same format as your form. For example, if your Marketo form has "United States", in the form, then your rules must state that as well, if the form in Marketo is free-text, then you will likely need to include abbreviation options (America, US, U.S.A, United State of America), etc.

As a back-up, you can also use the "inferred country" field that Marketo automatically passes over.

In Marketo, when the lead is synced, do you have assignment rules in there as well, or are you using the "assign using automatic assignment rules"? The two may be contradicting one another, causing them to assign to the default owner.

Lastly, if this is not your only set of assignment rules, double check that these new rules are active.
Valentine MorozValentine Moroz
Hi Heidi and Launa,  thank you for the information. I'll definitely check my field mapping in Marketo. It works for some leads but not for others.  So, I can add all countries in one row with commas for a specific lead owner? See first rule compared to others:rules

My field values are picklist, so there is not an option to input abbreviations. Are you saying I should field map "Inferred country" from Marketo to "Country" in Salesforce?

Also, I do not have assignment rules set up in Marketo - I didn't realize I could. I'm not quite sure it's an option, actually. I use the auto assignment rules on the salesforce side.

Thanks again!
Heidi BroseHeidi Brose

Yes, that's exactly right on the lead rules. 

For the issue, I would look at the lead in Marketo and look at lead in Salesforce.  Is anything different? Is the country field populated correctly on both records (Marketo record and Salesforce record) when did that field get populated? One thing to to keep in mind is that if the field isn't populated at creation of the lead in Salesforce it WILL NOT go through the lead assignment rules.  These rules ONLY fire at creation if unless you have a trigger running on them then runs them through the rules again, but out of the box salesforce ONLY looks at these lead creation.

Hope that helps!
Jacktar LiuJacktar Liu
 Could you tell me how can i have leads come in through Marketo synced to Salesforce automatically, I have setup the app, and can sync leads come in through salesforce to Marketo automatically, but cannot sync leads from Marketo to salesforce. What should i do to sync leads from Marketo to salesforce  automatically? Thank you very much!!!
Maria PergolinoMaria Pergolino
Answering @Jacktar Liu:  When you set up the integration with Marketo and Salesforce this should happen automatically.  (Login --> Admin --> Integration --> Salesforce)

I would ensure you are setting this up with a system admin account and that you also check and make sure everything is cool in your Salesforce Objects Sync tab.