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Tina PeckTina Peck 

How can I increase our Chatter Limits?

Currently the Chatter limits are at 500 per user.   We have some users that would like to follow much more than the 500 limit.   Can we get the limits extended?  Any other options?  Thanks!
Bill GreenhawBill Greenhaw
You can contact support and ask for it to be increased. For a better chance of it happening submit a nice business reason why you need it increased. Some things can be increased and some cannot. I am not sure where Chatter falls, so you would have to ask and find out.
Damien OwenDamien Owen
Hi Tina,

You can raise a case with Salesforce requesting for the limit to be increased. Some limits can be increased, such as the number of external ID fields per object but some limits are hard limits and will never be increased.

I've never requested for this limit to be increased so I don't know how likely Salesforce are to increase but it is certainly worth a try!

Do you know how to raise a case?

Tina PeckTina Peck
Thanks all!
I'll contact Salesforce support and post the results.  
David K. LiuDavid K. Liu
There's a very populate Idea for this that you can vote up as well!

It's currently "Under Consideration", so your vote will certainly have an effect  =)

Increase number of Chatter Objects one can Follow
Spyros DouvitsasSpyros Douvitsas

I wonder if you managed to get the icrease by contacting Salesforce support.

Tina PeckTina Peck
We decided to leave our limits at 500 per user.  Thanks!