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Phil DrummondPhil Drummond 

"Unable to Access Page" message on Campaigns "Page Layout"


As an Administrator I'm trying to edit the Page Layout for Campaigns, but every time I try to access this setup option I'm met with the following message:
Unable to Access Page
You are missing information needed by the page you have attempted to access. If you believe this is an error, please refresh your screen. If the error persists, please report it to our Customer Support team and provide the URL of the page you were requesting as well as any other related information.

I had the EXACT same error when was trying to access the Assets 'Page Layout'. The eventual response was that we couldn't access the page because we'd never had any Asset records. The SFDC helper manually added a record one & deleted it so I could access that particular function.
The same is not true for Campaigns because we've got a number of Campaigns at various statuses.

Has anyone else seen this error and been able to fix it.?
Any clues?

Thanks in advance
Arijit MajeeArijit Majee
Hello Phil,

can you reset your browser cookies and try again. better to logoff and try again.
Phil DrummondPhil Drummond
Sorry, that doesn't seem to have worked. I've tried three different browsers, all with cache/cookies cleared & SFDC logged out, with same result.
It's happening to other users as well, so it leads me to believe it's a Salesforce issue and not a browser issue.
Arijit MajeeArijit Majee
i can access my pagelayout on CS11 and na15
Jon TreskoJon Tresko
Where are you trying to edit the layout from? Setup menu? or from the "Edit Layout" link on the Csampaign detail page. Make sure you try both to determine if it's only happening on one or the other...

Also, are there page layout assignments to profiles/Record types? Perhaps this could be contributing to the problem as well...

Lastly, just to rule out Salesforce issues, have a look @ trust.salesforce.com to see if there's any issues with your instance(s)

Please test in both Production and sandbox...
Phil DrummondPhil Drummond
I'm going Setup > Customize > Campaigns > Page Layout & strike the error on every browser that I try this method.

I tried your alternate 'Edit Layout' method (took me a couple of ticks to comprehend that you meant from within an existing Campaign) and that worked fine. I edited/saved the layout and it was then available on all other Campaigns.

I had a look at trust.salesforce.com, it advises "Customers may be seeing error messages, including "Invalid Session ID" and "This session is not valid for use with API"", but nothing specific on the "Unable to Access Page" error.

I'll advise my users to used the 'Edit Layout' workaround if they experience this issue.

Arijit MajeeArijit Majee
only Admin suppose to edit pagelayout.

To create, edit, and delete page layouts: “Customize Application”
try this or log a case with salesforce.
An internal server error is being received when editing a page layout that contains a report chart when using IE9

1. Using IE9, edit a page layout in an org that is on Winter '14.
2. Add a report chart to the layout and click save
3. Now navigate away from the layout and try to edit it again
4. You would receive the Internal Server Error at this step

* Use FireFox / Chrome
* Temporarily disable the Enhance Page Layout Editor: Setup >> Customize >> User Interface

Parag SevraParag Sevra

FYI: If you are getting: "Unable to Access Page. You are missing information needed by the page you have attempted to access" error when adding values to the 'Member Status' campaign field, you may try the below steps:

To add values to the 'Member Status' campaign field, follow the instructions below:

1. View the campaign you want to customize, and click "Advanced Setup".
2. Click "Edit" to add or update Member Status values.
3. Update the existing entries or add new values.
4. Select one entry as the "Default" value.
5. Choose which values will be counted as "Responded." Leads or contacts with "Responded" values will be tallied in the Total Responses field on the campaign.
The official documentation for customizing campaigns can be found here. The iAPI docs for this table for those interested in updating these values in bulk can be found here.
Resolution: At this time, this cannot be done for all campaigns at once, but instead has to be done individually on each campaign.  Customers that would like to be able to manage this for multiple campaigns at once should visit the IdeaExchange and promote the following idea: Customizable Campaign Member Status Values Picklist (https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=08730000000Br5dAAC)

As a workaround: Create a campaign which will be used as a template only. You can enter all of your required member status values into this template campaign. Then instead of creating a new campaign from scratch, simply clone from this template and all the member status values will be copied over.
Parag Sevra
Lovina BaculinaoLovina Baculinao
Hi @Parag Sevra,

Thanks for your answer it works.