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Kamalakannan SomasundaramKamalakannan Somasundaram 

what is support process and what is business process in salesforce?

Sharif ShaalanSharif Shaalan
A support process is the case status values assigned to a case record type. (chosen from the case status field values)

A Business process is the stage values assigned to an opportunity record type. (chosen from the opportunity stage field values)
David LiuDavid Liu
A Case always goes through certain support steps:

1. Open
2. Case Accepted
3. Case Assigned
4. Case In Progress
5. Case Closed

A support process is simply one set of steps that are defined in the org.  There may be different steps for different types of cases, for example:

1. Open
2. Case Accepted
3. Case Proposed
3. Case Prioritized
4. Case Closed

A business process is the same thing, but for Opportunities instead of Cases.

Hope this helps!
Kamalakannan SomasundaramKamalakannan Somasundaram
Thank you so much... is that support process only applicable to case in salesforce?
Shivanath DevinarayananShivanath Devinarayanan
Support process is Applicable only in Case,

But Sales Process is applicable in Opportunity 

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David LiuDavid Liu
The exact same functionality exists on Opportunities but they are called "Sales Processes" instead!! 

For example on Opps, this could be Sales Process #1:
1. Open
2. Demo Scheduled
3. Negotiate Contract
4. Closed Won

Sales Process #2:
1. Open
2. Initial Pitch
3. Advanced Pitch
4. In Trial
5. Negotiaion
6. Closed Won

Hope this helps!