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Divya PennadaDivya Pennada 

Are approval process available to Community Users?


I want a Community User to approve or reject a case, is that possible?

Jeff MayJeff May
No.  Approval Processes are only available to Salesforce licensed users.   You can provide your Community User with an 'Approved' checkbox on the Case page layout and use a Workflow Rule to detect their selection and make other field changes.
Vamsi GosuVamsi Gosu
seems its not directly possible, but there is a workaround..

check this salesforce help article explaining the workaround (
Shivanath DevinarayananShivanath Devinarayanan
Customer Portal: Customer portal users can submit records for approval, but cannot be assigned as approvers on records submitted for approval.  Users can also view status of approval requests in the approval related list on record detail pages.

Partner Portal: Partner portal users can submit records for approval, but cannot directly be assigned as approvers on records submitted for approval.  Users can also view status of approval requests in the approval related list on record detail pages.

In the Partner Portal, some customers have opted to work around the limitations mentioned by doing the following:
  1. Creating a queue(s) for approval requests that need to be routed to portal users
  2. Assigning portal users to the queue(s) created
  3. Assigning approval requests to the queue(s) where your portal users are members. Once done, portal user can then approve the requests for records that reside in these queues.
  • Portal users will not be able to see pending requests in the "items to approve" section on the home page.  They either need to go into individual records and use the approval related list to approve requests. Alternatively, administrators with Visualforce experience can create a custom Visualforce component to show approval requests to portal users if approving from record detail pages is not feasible.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: This workaround is not offically supported, and thus the full approval functionality that users have come to expect for standard Salesforce users will not be present (i.e. items to approve on home page cannot be displayed/used for portal users).  Also, this workaround DOES NOT apply to the Customer Portal users, and therefore cannot be used in Customer Portal implementations.
  • Customers who would like to see approvals built into the native partner/customer portals should visit the IdeaExchange, and promote this idea:
  • (
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Andrew KaedingAndrew Kaeding
This is a big deal for us.  I have a process in mind where Community members (our clients) would be included on a formal record in Salesforce of a project plan/budget...and Salesforce would use the primary client contact (a Community User) as the Approver.

Anyone know if it's something that's on the roadmap?
Elizabeth SnowElizabeth Snow
Any updates on this in the last 4 years?   I am trying to figure out if it is possible to add Items to Approve to the Community home page.   I have read about the workaround with a queue, which might be the solution.  However,r I wanted to confirm there isn't any newer option.   When trying to read about customizing the home page, I got several articles that seem to indicate that customization requires coding, not just clicks.   When getting ready to post about this,  I ran across a couple related ideas:

Per the first post - should the Items to Approve be able to be added, but it isn't functioning?  Can you point me to any relevant articles to learn more?
Anurag SharmaAnurag Sharma
It is supported now, except customer community license where only submission is supported.
Jason NoratJason Norat
A third party app exchange product, such as FormAssembly, could supply a link that allows a Community user to approve a process through a unique form provided to them in an email.

A great use case would be: A Community user makes a change to a specific field in the Community, which then triggers a email alert to be sent to the Community user, which is to be set in the Admin area of the SF CRM. This user would then click the prefilled link in the dynamic email they recieve made by the SF admin in the email template area, which would look something like this for the SF admin when configuring:
  • Click <a href="[Unique Number like Salesforce Contact ID or Salesforce Record ID][formassembly alias]=[{!Salesforce Object}">
  • This would take the Community user to the FromAssembly unique record page (Landing Page) with the form's standard url and the unique SF CRM id (in the web address bar), which is pulled from the Saleforce email template area
  • The SF Admin only needs to establish a basic connection on the third party app to link the SF CRM field they want changed, such as "Approval Status", which could be apart of the approval process
  • A field update automation could then be configured to change the "Approval Status" of an individual, if the new form's approval field is filled out
*This entire process can then allow a Community user to be apart of an approval process