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John GallinaghJohn Gallinagh 

Sort by Quote Line Item Number

So I've been scouring the community answers section trying to find an answer to this question but have not found anything helpful yet.  My question is, how can I configure the system to enable users to sort Quote Line Items by the line item # rather than the Product Code?  Seems like this must have been solved some time ago but can't find the solution.  #Frustrated
David LiuDavid Liu
Hey John,

I'm assuming you have the "Sort" button on your Quote Line Item related list already.  If not:
  1. Edit your Quote layout
  2. Go to the Quote Line Item related list and edit the properties
  3. Make sure the "Sort" button is enabled!
Any other sort is not currently standard functionality unfortunately!  I've voted up the idea on your behalf though  =)

Hope this helps!