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Jo DengJo Deng 

How do you deploy Field Level Security for standard fields?

We are implementing a project with 10 new profiles spanning across 20+ objects (some standard, some custom). When it comes to deployment, we rely on change sets to deploy custom fields, custom profiles/permission sets, and field level security for these custom fields.

However since we cannot include standard fields in change sets, the FLS for these standard fields are all messed up on our 10+ profiles. It becomes a very manual and painful process to have to go through all of the screens in profiles manually to update the FLS.

Has anyone found an easy way to deploy FLS for standard fields for profiles or permission sets?

As a reference, here is the list of components available in a change set:
Evan DeckerEvan Decker
Not sure if this would work or not, but are you including the profiles in your permission sets?
Jo DengJo Deng
I don't think you can include profiles in permission sets.

We are using primarily profiles to control access to objects and fields. All FLS settings deploy fine through change sets, except for FLS for standard fields. Since we cannot add standard fields in change set, I am looking for a way to deploy FLS for standard fields other than manually setting FLS for 10+ profiles.
Evan DeckerEvan Decker
I understand that. You can include profiles, see this

Specifically, this section:

"Add permissions and access settings to outbound change sets
Adding profiles or permission sets to outbound change sets allows administrators to migrate permissions for users so they can access the new functionality. Profiles contain access settings for more components than permission sets, including page layouts, record types, and tab settings. However, permission sets contain access to standard object permissions, standard field permissions, and user permissions (such as “API Enabled”)."

I think it's worth a try!