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Udayakumar RanganathanUdayakumar Ranganathan 

Can I add fields in lookup window

Hi All,
    Is it possible to add an email field in new lookup windowUser-added image
Marko LamotMarko Lamot
Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Hey Udayakumar,

Just a thought:

[Using "Quick Create" may not be suggested considering the data integrity. There are two major drawbacks that suggests we should avoid "Quick Create".
1. Quick Create does not respect Validation Rules. So if you have any validation rules enforced on Account object, Quick Create will create the records without having them enforced.
2. Quick Create does not follow the required fields that are usually required on the standard layout used for the object. So the records are usually created without values filled in for these fields.]


Rakesh GuptaRakesh Gupta