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how to email reports

How can I email my dashboard reports at designated intervals......daily, weekly, etc
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha

following will help you to scheduling and emailing reports in SFDC.

Scheduling a Report

Available in: Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer Editions

User Permissions Needed
To schedule reports:“Schedule Reports”
To delete the scheduled report run:“Modify All Data”

You can schedule reports to run and have the results automatically emailed in HTML format to Salesforce users. For example, you can schedule a report to run every Friday at 3:00 PM and have the results emailed to several users.

To schedule a report:
  1. On the Reports tab, click an existing report name or click New Report. If you're not seeing the enhanced Reports tab, check if you're using a supported browser and ask your administrator to enable the new user interface theme.
  2. Click Run Report and choose Schedule Future Runs... from the drop-down.
  3. If you are creating a new report, Salesforce displays the Save Report page:
    1. In the Report Name field enter a name for the report.
    2. Optionally, enter a report description.
    3. The Report Unique Name field is automatically completed based on the Report Name field value. The name is a unique identifier used to refer to the report when using the API. If defined, the Namespace Prefix field shows the package identifier used by the API.
    4. From the Report Folder drop-down list, select the folder in which to save the report. To email a report to other users, the report must be in a public folder with access granted to the other users. This is because other users can't access reports in your personal folders. For more information, see Managing Folders.
    5. Click Save & Continue to Schedule.
  4. Salesforce displays the Schedule Report page. The user in the Running User field determines the report’s level of access to data. This bypasses all security settings, giving all users who can view the report access to data they might not be able to see otherwise. For reports to run as scheduled, the user in the Running User field must have access to the folder in which the report is stored.Note
    If the running user is inactive, Salesforce notifies all users with the System Administrator profile, as well as all users that have all of the following permissions: “Manage Users,” “Manage Billing,” and “Modify All Data.” If no one has all three permissions, Salesforce notifies users with both “Manage Users” and “Modify All Data.”
  5. Select a notification setting to email the report at the scheduled time:
    • Select To me to send the report to the email address specified on your Salesforce user record.
    • Select To me and/or others... to email the report to additional users. You can send reports only to email addresses included on Salesforce user records. For more information, see Editing Users.Note
      Portal users receive report and dashboard refresh notifications only if the Allow Reports and Dashboards to Be Sent to Portal Users option is enabled.
  6. Schedule the report:
    • In the Frequency field, select how frequently to run the report. Select Daily, Weekly, or Monthly and then refine the frequency criteria.
    • In the Start and End fields, specify the dates during which you want to schedule the report. To enter the current date, click on the link showing the current date.
    • You must select a start time for running the report. Next to Preferred Start Time, click Find available options... to choose a start time.

      Your preferred start time may not be available if other users have already selected that time to schedule a report.

  7. If you made changes to the report before scheduling the report, you can choose whether to save any unsaved report definition changes when you save the report schedule. To save report definition changes, select Save report modifications with this schedule. To discard report definition changes and save the report schedule, select Discard report modifications.
  8. Click Save Report Schedule to schedule the report.
To change the schedule of when a report runs:
  1. On the Reports tab, click the name of the scheduled report.
  2. Click Run Report and choose Schedule Future Runs... from the drop-down
  3. Make the required changes on the Schedule Report detail page.
  4. Click Save Report Schedule.
To delete a report schedule:
  1. On the Reports tab, click the name of the scheduled report.
  2. Click Run Report and choose Schedule Future Runs... from the drop-down
  3. Click Unschedule Report.

    The report's schedule is canceled and not sent to the Recycle Bin. You can reschedule the report when you choose to do so.

Users with the “View Setup and Configuration” permission can view all scheduled reports for their organization on the All Scheduled Jobs page. To view the All Scheduled Jobs page, click Your Name | Setup | Monitoring | Scheduled Jobs. Users with “Modify All Data” permission can click Del next to a specific scheduled report to unschedule the report.
Syed Y. TalhaSyed Y. Talha
Click on your report and then click on Run Report Down Arrow | then click on Schedule future runs as shown in pic. 
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