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master detail relationship in detai with example

I know the type of relationship in sales force. But I am not clear how to give the master detail relationship practically. Can you help me regarding this with example
Adam MarksAdam Marks
Accounts to Opportunities is an example of a Master-Detail that exists inside the org by default. I would study that relationship as it provides all the practical examples you would need.
suvendu .suvendu .
Hi thats correct. But I want to know how to give master-detail relationship in two custom objects
Eugene NeimanEugene Neiman
If you are trying to establish a 1:M relationship, follow Mark's advice by adding a Master/detail on your child custom to the parent custom.  If you are trying to establish a  M:M relationship between your two custom objects, you are going to need a junction object, and then you will need to add a master/detail from your junction object to each of your custom objects.
Adam MarksAdam Marks
If it's a simple M:D relationship you do that by creating a Master-Detail Relationship field on the object you want to be the detail (child) in the relationship.