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John NaughtonJohn Naughton 

Is it possible to translate the Product description field?

Hi guys,

Is it possible to translate the Product Description field?

The reason being that we wish to use the same generic products across our company, however the product descriptions need to be localised.

Thanks in advance!

Deb Weller - do not useDeb Weller - do not use
Not by default, but you can do some customization with Google Translation API and VisualForce.  Note that your product descriptions have to be words that can reliably be translated with Google Translate, though.  I would suggest trying a few at

This involves creating an Apex class to get the logged in user's language code and a Visualforce page to feed the text and language code to and display the translation. Then you can add the VisualForce component to the page layout where you want to display the translated text.  

We have used this for translating case subjects and opportunity names.

Amin MisrieAmin Misrie
Hi John,

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