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Erica St. AngelErica St. Angel 

Fixup Lead Owner" - Marketo leads assigned to admin

We're using Marketo to assign lead owners based on web visitors selection from a drop down list on a form (things like Sales Inquiry, Media Inquiry). 

Everything has been working great until suddenly there's a Marketo action after the SFDC sync that is reassigning the lead. It creates the Task, Sync Lead Updates to SFDC, but then goes to Change Data Value > Changed Lead Sales Owner from StafferA to StafferB. 

I haven't added this as a flow step in Marketo - and when I click in on it the reason given is 
"Synched from - fixup Lead Owner." 

We are not using lead assignment rules in SFDC yet, so I don't know why this step is now appearing. I've checked all field level permissions and Marketo still has access to everything. 

Anyone run into this? Searched articles and discussions but didn't see anything quite like this. 

And Marketo Support team says: 
The activity that you are seeing is basically reporting a change to the lead/contact record that was made at the Salesforce end. We have no control on the SFDC end to prevent such activities from happening or to see by whom they were made. This needs to be investigated from the SFDC end to see how the lead owner and by whom was changed at the Salesforce end.
Jeff MayJeff May
If you look at the record history for some of the Leads involved, you can see who/when the owner was changed.  That might help lead you to an import job, Workflow, trigger, or manual step that has recently kicked in.
Erica St. AngelErica St. Angel
Thanks Jeff - really appreciate the help!

Looking at the steps is where it gets weird. I'm the admin for both systems and never created any SFDC lead assignment rules, in favor of just relying on Marketo.

Here's a screen grab of what I'm seeing when it makes the changes - assigning first the owner based on the Marketo flow, and then SFDC stepping in to change the owner to the Admin, in this case me.

User-added imageUser-added image
Jeff MayJeff May
Do you have a 'default Lead Owner' defined in Setup->Customize->Leads->Settings?  Maybe that's coming into play
Erica St. AngelErica St. Angel
Progress thanks to Jeff! Yes, I as Admin am default lead owner. 
So I guess now my question is what's the best way to configure this in SFDC so I don't tick off Marketo as it pushes leads over?
Thanks sooooo much.User-added image
Jeff MayJeff May
I'm not a Marketo user, maybe others can chime in but I'll offer my two cents anyway.

Its important that the Marketo records match the SFDC records, so having Marketo get the Owner from SFDC is good.  The question is whether Marketo is attempting to change the Owner to something different than SFDC or if its just reporting that the Owner on this record has changed.
Erica St. AngelErica St. Angel
Thanks Jeff - appreciate your time pondering this. It's clearly happening in SFDC so I'm going to log a support case and try to figure out what changed in our installation. Again, thanks for the thoughts!
Lauren OlerichLauren Olerich
Hi Erica,

We're having this same issue. Did SFDC resolve the support case? What did they say was causing this?
Erica St. AngelErica St. Angel
Hi Lauren - turns out this was on the Marketo side (even though the first two tech support people I talked to swore it was happening in SFDC). I had to escalate it twice - but then found a rep who went into our installation and made an edit to a global program that was reassigning new leads to me. Took him all of 3 seconds. I believe it was something that get up in our Onboarding and for whatever reason, the priority of which program assigned ownership changed. When that happened, this new global program took over. Sorry I can't recall the exact steps - but keep pushing at Marketo or digging into your programs to see if there's one Lead Assignment to Rule Them All somewhere. Good luck!
Who Is ThisWho Is This
Just a side note, the issue being described here (as well as half a dozen people who have referenced this thread) identified the souce being inside of Marketo but not a Marketo bug/fault.  There were other Campaigns setup that were making the change so the source is human error.  The phrase "fixup Lead Owner" is what Marketo records when it is taking the Owner ID being passed from Salesforce and translating it into the Lead Owner values (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, etc) to populate into Marketo.  If you're having a similar issue you'll need to review you setup more closely to identify which other Campaign/Program you have setup that's making the change.
Nicki WallaceNicki Wallace
Hi - we are having the same issue between Marketo and SFDC.  We have a default lead owner already set up but they are not being assigned the leads.  this has just happened overnight.  there is no obvious reason for this as the leads have all the relevant fields, including Country which is what we base our assignment rules off of.  any other suggestions as the fix above isnt relevant for these and we keep being bounced between Marketo and SFDC teams!
Yoav GuttmanYoav Guttman
I am having the same issue. How did you resolve it? Was it completely on the Marketo side of things?
Raj JainRaj Jain
@yoav did you figure it out?