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Becky GatesBecky Gates 

tracking bounced emails and the number of times email opened

How can I get an accurate count of bounced emails from both contacts and Leads? There are much more than what appear in the bounced email reports.

I have emails set up to see if the email has been opened and how many times but the numbers don't seem to be accurate since some people who have asked to be removed from mailing list - thus opened the email - don't show up on the list.

What do I need to do/ 
Jayant JoshiJayant Joshi
Please refer to the Knowledge Article Number: 106483

How can I get a list of contacts whose email message bounced?

How can I get a list of contacts whose email message bounced?

If you have activated the Bounce Management feature in order to track email delivery to your contacts, leads, and/or person accounts, you can use the Bounced Contacts and Bounced Leads standard reports to view a list of email addresses that have bounced email.

These reports include the reason the email was bounced, the date the bounce occurred, and the contact, lead, or person account that bounced the email.

To use the Bounced Contact report:
  1. Click on the Reports tab
  2. Select "Accounts and Contacts Report" from the folder picklist.
  3. Click on the "Bounced Person Accounts and Contacts" report.
The "Bounced Leads" report can be found under the "Lead Report" folder.

If these reports are not available in your org, you can write custom reports using the fields "Email Bounced Reason", and "Email Bounced Date" in the standard Contact report, as well as the standard Lead report.

To use these fields:
  1. Click to the "Reports" tab.
  2. Click on "Create New Custom Report"
  3. Select the "Accounts & Contacts" report type.
  4. Select "Contacts & Accounts" from the report list.
  5. Click "Next" until you get to the column selection screen.
  6. In the "Contact: Ph/Fax/Email" section, look for either "Bounced" field.
Both fields are also available in the picklists in the Lead report criteria screen.

Becky GatesBecky Gates
I have already accessed both reports, but the information isn't accurate since I have seen the "undeliverable" emails and they're not all there.

For tracking emails that have been opened or not, you didn't address that question.
Becky GatesBecky Gates
Where can I find Knowledge Article Number: 106483? It doesn't show up in a search by that name.

shaharyar khanshaharyar khan
Hi Becky,

Yes it is possible but my suggestion will be more benefetial if you will add MassMailing too with your requirement.I have seen one app over AppExchange which is basically used for the MassMailing but also provide the features like tracking email Like open,Clicked,Bounced,Delivered etc and loged it in the related list of the object.We can get in the form of the report and update accordingly.

The reviews of the app are very Impressive.
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