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Nick ValerioteNick Valeriote 

Events Access/Visibility Only


Is there a way to set up a user (or profile) where that person only has access to, and visibility of, the Home tab where they can add a new event to the calendar, but that's it.  I don't want them to have access to any other tabs/objects.

I'm not sure if a permission set could work for this, or if there is another way.  I created a new profile and restricted access to everything but the "edit events" setting.  However, when I log in under that profile, I can see the Chatter, Profile, People, Groups, Files, Dashboard and Reports tabs.  How can I get rid of these (where the user can access them or unhide them in any way later on)?

Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan
In the Profile you can control the access of Tabs. You need to set all tabs to "Tab Hidden" and then remove Read access to all of those objects.

Now, you may have issues with them creating Events if they dont have access to an object to relate the Event to. Events cannot be created and not be related to at least a Lead, Contact, Account, Case, Opportunity, etc. You could create a custom object to relate them to and only give the profile access to it?
Nick ValerioteNick Valeriote

Thanks, phiberoptik.  I had taken care of the tab hiding.  How do I disable "read access" to these objects - Chatter, Profile, People, Groups, Files, Dashboard and Reports?

Even with those tabs hidden, when I log in as a user with this new profile (very restircted, with tabs hidden), if I click the + sign at the top of the page (where the tabs used to be), I can access some of these items still.

Aaron DeRanAaron DeRan

Ok, I apologize for not putting enough thought into your question. According to Salesforce, "you cannot limit Chatter to specific users" and therefore you cannot turn it off for some users. It is an all or nothing thing (stupid I know).

As long as your org has Chatter enabled, they will have access to Chatter, Profile, People, Groups, and Files no matter what you attempt to hide.

Dashboards and Reports access can be controlled by permissions within the Profile(s) the users are assigned to. Just remove the checks next to every permissions related to reports and dashboards. I believe just removing the Run Reports permission will prevent it all, but might as well uncheck them all.