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Jayson CañeroJayson Cañero 

Formulas ignore Field Level Security settings is it true?

Formulas ignore Field Level Security settings is it true?
Deepak AnandDeepak Anand
Hi Jayson,

Yes Jayson, Formula fields do ignore the Field-Level Security. For example say you created a field called Number Field on Opportunity of type Number with access permissions to the System Administrator. Also you created an another field called Formula Field on Opportunity of type Formula returning a Number and configured the access permissions to both the System Administrator and the Standard User. This formula field evaluates to Number_Field__c / 2.

Now, by the permissions the Standard User should not be able to read and edit the Number Field on Opportunity. But, the  Formula Field on Opportunity will  still show a value of say 500 if the Number Field on Opportunity had a number say 1000 which was earlier created by an another System Adminstrator.


Jeff MayJeff May
+1 @Deepak.  The reason they have to ignore FLS is that a formula field expression is stored, and the value is evaluated when a record is retrieved from the database.  Since the formula always exists, the value always exists.  You can control what the value is by the expression you use (for example if the $User is in a certain Profile, show 0, otherwise show a+b), anda you can control who sees the field using FLS, record layouts, Sharing Rules, and Profiles.
Steve MolisSteve Molis
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