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Emma GoodmanEmma Goodman 

Adding Rebate Redemptions to Account Information

My company sells educational materials to schools, and we offer rebates for our products. I am working on finding a way to integrate rebate redemptions with out accounts. Does anyone know how to do this or something similar?
Thank you!
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
Hi Emma, can you provide a bit more information on your setup? You could do a few things as far as rebates. You could create a custom object to track rebates, you could use a campaign to collect Accounts that meet certain criteria or both. There is also a free app on the AppExchange which may help, although it has never been rated and was created a while ago:
Emma GoodmanEmma Goodman
Adding some info here:
We create rebate forms ourselves, and I basically need a way to track redemptions via SalesForce - I like the idea of making a custom object or a campaign to collect accounts, but I need some tips/how-to's on how this works/how to do this.
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
Do your customers ever use the same rebates or do they have rebates that are specific to them and are a one use?
Emma GoodmanEmma Goodman
Even more claification: 
We create rebate forms for each institution that we sell to, meaning that each rebate would be used by multiple people (students).
Mark PassovoyMark Passovoy
Gotcha. I would try to create two objects. An object to hold your rebates and a junction object to link your students to the rebates. This way you can link multiple rebates to multiple students.

Here is an article on junction objects. Let me know if you run into any problems: