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Jeff SusichJeff Susich 

Dashboard Snapshots not showing background colors

I have a Dashboard created and I'm using Dashboard Properties to select a "Background Fade Direction", and also a "Starting Color" and "Ending Color". Looks great while I'm editing the Dashboard, but when it is displayed on the Home Page, there is no background colors.

I've tried this on two different Orgs, and I'm getting the same result. Am I losing my mind here - I've done this often in the past successfully.
Johan YuJohan Yu

1. what is your component? Is it a chart?
2. when you click Dashboard tab, do you see the correct background face color?

Jeff SusichJeff Susich
I'm using a standard horizontal bar chart. Charts will not allow me to select colors for the data bars, but unless I'm losing my mind, the background colors and text colors should be visible on the home page snapshot.

When I select my Dashboards tab, the charts appear just the way I want them. But on the home page snapshot, I have no background colors.
Johan YuJohan Yu
Yes, it happen the same with me, do not see how to work around this. Seems like need to post in Idea section.