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Sarah MillerSarah Miller 

how do I log into my sandbox instance?


I was wondering how I log into the sandbox of my salesforce instance? I'm a fairly new admin and I don't think we have ever used our sandbox before. Is there set up that needs to happen?

Caleb SidelCaleb Sidel
GoTo and login with your production credentials with one change. When you created the sandbox you were asked to give it a name, let's assume you chose "play". Then if your username in production is

it will now be

If you're a Sys Admin you get get to your Sandbox via your production login by going to

Setup | Administration Setup | Data Management | Sandbox

Then you should see your sandbox(es) and you can click "Login" next to the name of the sandbox. This will open a new window with your username pre-populated. Your password should be the same as production (assuming you refreshed the sandbox recently).
bhaskar vardhinenibhaskar vardhineni
I haveto  create one sandbox and  then  refresh my sandbox .before refresh it will work after refresh it does't work . what i have to do ? please tell me.

Bala bhaskar .v
SFDC AdminSFDC Admin
hi bhaskar, this is because the organization ID of your sandbox changes each time your sandbox is refreshed. so check with that once

Munira MajmundarMunira Majmundar
I am a system admin but, I do not see any sandbox option when I follow the following

Setup | Administration Setup | Data Management | Sandbox 
Kimberly PhillipsKimberly Phillips
Hello Munira, I looked at your profile and looks like you have Group Edition which doesn't have a Sandbox.  If you are interested in testing anything you can get a free developer account at the link below.  Only thing is the Developer org will have a few more features than Group so be careful when testing applications, etc.
Carolyn CummingsCarolyn Cummings
I just created a sandbox but there is no login button/link after the sanbox name. 

Also, the "Status" is pending and "Current Org ID" is pending.

Do I have to wait for a certain percentage of time or am I need to do something in order for the two mentioned section be update?

Willis DossWillis Doss
Not sure if this is still being monitored but thought I would check.  I created a Dev account and have been going through some of the training and I am installing a new app for the first time.  It wants me to add it to a new sandbox.  So I follow the steps - or at least trying to:
I click on Setup and then over on the right I click in Quick Find box and type Sandbox - but nothing ever comes up.
I believe I am in the correct location as the samples I watched on Youtube showed below the Quick Find the Administrator, Manage Users, Manage Apps and so on...
If anyone can offer any pointers on how I can get to my sandbox to add a new one I would be greatful.  Thanks!  Willis