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Simon DawesSimon Dawes 

is there a way to increase the number of characters in a custom field from 255?

At the minute I have a limited number of characters in a custome field; 255 and I need to try and increase the txt character limit.

Is there any way of doing this?
Thomas GrunewaldThomas Grunewald
You could use a field of the type "Text (long)" that holds upt to 32k of characters. Its possible to change the type for an existing field (on the field). Highly recommend to make a backup before changing the data type. 
Simon DawesSimon Dawes
In the custom field list, I am not given the option for long text field!  Any other way of doing this or getting the option?
Thomas GrunewaldThomas Grunewald
Do you know what Salesforce Edition you have (usualy you can read this in the browser bar)? This could be a reason for no long text field. Also you may have exceeded the numer of allowed long text fields (how many do you have on the object). 

I do not see any option to get more characters for a "normal" text field. May be create two fields for it (what is not so nice).
Simon DawesSimon Dawes
We only have 1 long text field in the object.

We use professional edition!
Thomas GrunewaldThomas Grunewald
I am a bit suprised finding out that the help files say there is no limit on RTF or Long Text Fields in any edition. I was sure I heared about 5 per object floating arroud. However there is a general limit, see for details:

Regarding your initial question, I have no good suggestion. I would recommend to contact salesforce support via the help and training link on the top right in your salesforce and inquire about why you can not create another long text field.