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Teresa ColónTeresa Colón 

How do I copy the values from one picklist field to another?


I've Googled and searched on this site for the answer to my question and I keep coming up short-handed.  I'm worried that the answer involves writing multiple WFR to cover every Picklist option (administrative nightmare) OR triggers and I have to learn how to code.  Good and bad - new skillset, no time. :)

We have two values on our Leads - Lead Source and Original Lead Source. Lead Source is the standard picklist field.  Original Lead Source is a custom picklist field with matching values.  We are using these fields to track information for our Marketing team - how we acquire a Lead vs the activity that causes them to convert.

I'd like to make Original Lead Source a hidden field that simply copies the very first Lead Source value, because entering duplicate data is a pain for my users.  I've been trying to make this happen via Workflow Rules and I'm coming up blank, because you can't use a formula to populate a Picklist field in WFR.

Here's what I've tried:

Created a custom Text field (Temporary Lead Source)
Created a workflow rule that runs if Original Lead Source is blank
Copy the value from Lead Source to Temporary Lead Source [ TEXT(LeadSource) ]

I was then trying to either do some If/then functionality based on the value of the text field to populate, but SFDC doesn't allow me to do that.

Marco (werewolf) CasalainaMarco (werewolf) Casalaina
Yep, you're going to have to do it with a trigger.  Here's an example.
Viz KhanViz Khan
Hi Teresa,

You should be able to accomplish this if you change the workflow criteria to created and edited and the rule criteria to "createdby not equal to NULL, so that the workflow always fires.

Then do a field update on the text field Original lead source with the following syntax 


I doubt this could go wrong since the work flow will always update the contents of the Lead source field into this text field original lead source.

I hope this helps!!!
Payal AgrawalPayal Agrawal

Hi Teresa,

           Click the picklist field,go to 'picklist value' then click the button 'printable view'  and copy the picklist value from one picklist to  another.

I Hope this helps u..